X-plane, helicopters and VR

I’ve been setting up X-plane 11 with the Pimax, and here’s a video I made. Hopefully I can make more content on this topic, if there’s interest. Feel free to give feedback and suggestions!


Nice video

I was actually watching a few heli be videos tonight from x plane 11 and Aerofly fs 2

For your vids I would move the mouse pointer off the screen as it jumps when u turn your head and it is distracting. But I like the content otherwise



Happy you liked it, and thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to deactivate the mouse cursor for upcoming videos!

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Definitely share your settings I just got the game and have not dialed in yet. Save me some time. Thx.

hi guys,
i’m not into x-plane (so far) but does anybody know how to get “Condor2” (glider/souring) to work with the 5k+?
i have checked already the condor forum: they said i have to install the oculus-software… what i don’t want to for several reasons.