Wow just played the new half 2 VR MOD,its amazing!

They did a great job !

You can play it without parallel projection,but they are some scenes where u see its needed.
But most part its okay… And it runs amazing !

You need to have some good vr legs sometimes…
Its fun to play this game again since many many yeards ago…


Do you think it runs well enough to just have PP turned on so that those scenes you talk about don’t break immersion?

I’m constantly travelling for work right now, which is killing me, so won’t be able to touch anything until Sunday! Looking forward to trying it. HL1 on Quest was a great experience, actually my first time playing HL1. I caved and played HL2 pancake and then Alyx but looking forward to revisiting HL2 as a VR title.


i didnt try it with PP turned on,i could try it for you… But is almost not needed in the game…

wait i try it for you now… i could stop playing lol

Ha! Thanks. If you say it’s almost not needed then I will probably feel the same. Just was thinking if the game is easy enough to run that turning on PP doesn’t make much difference then I might leave it on regardless but sure will test myself anyway. Very happy to hear you’re enjoying it so much!

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It works perfect with PP on also… smooth as butter !

Also to get a better walking speed(othewise its a little too fast) Add this:

Type in the cfg file(in Half-Life2 VR\hlvr\cfg\autoexec.cfg)

HL2_normspeed 120 //for normal walking speed, default 190
Hl2_sprintspeed 220 // for sprintint speed , default is 320

It feels better… But what a blast this vr mod…


wowow that’s good


Hey did u test this and it worked? It does not change walk/sprint speed for me.

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yes it worked for me… Did you put it in de right config file?

Yes. I tried :

hl2_walkspeed 80

And this worked.

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I like the speed as it is :d but i also like sairento and stuff …

not that it matters, this is good to know ! :slight_smile:
I had a blast yesterday with the mod, plays very good, looks good and is fun.
just got to the boat yesterday.

I would like to say, its like 20 years ago, but better !

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I found out that the crowling with these settings is way to slow now… :thinking:

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Yes! I did wonder why i was crawling so slowly, so this is the reason, hmm.

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No one should play this without Ashok’s mod. It makes it 80% as good as HL Alyx by pulling the textures and models from other future episodes to make it look insanely nice.

Helpful Notes:
*You don’t have to install modmanger separately. (It’s standalone)
*You do need to launch the game from the mod mangager
*You may need to tell it where your game is located


Cool,but i wanted to start it from pitool experience.

So i added some manual mods…

Like hd graphics,Hd sound,and a blood effect…

The game is realy a blast… I was just very busy with killing those spiders or what you call them on the beach level with the buggy i left the buggy and i was chased by them(luckely they coudnt swim lol)

So much fun and that on my old age… lol
By the way they are gonne get the vr mod also to episode 1 and 2… :smiley:

"Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator."

Getting this message when trying to download the files linked on that site, will try again tomorrow.
Unless someone can put it on something like Mega and provide the link?


:thinking: Not playing this game with the pimax chrystal or 12k? :wink:

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That is one of them ha, probably the Crystal.

Also seems like there’s a new SteamVR icon for it!


This will be the first game that I will play with the Pimax 12k Qled !
Why ?
Because it performs absolutely amaizing !
This is the first Vr Game that I can play on max settings including Steam Supersampling at 100% on the Varjo Aero and holding 90 fps at all time :slight_smile: