Wow, I really have been spoiled by the FOV!

I haven’t used any other VR headsets since getting my 5k+ a few months ago. I recently signed up to beta test a game on the Oculus Go and just put it on for the first time in a few months. I was really shocked at how bad the FOV feels in it now. I remember using it and really enjoying it quite a bit before, but I was immediately hit in the face with how little you can actually see in it. The black border just seems so much larger in it now than it did before. It is really easy to get used to the wider FOV and start taking it for granted until you’ve used it exclusively for an extended period of time and then try and go back. I don’t think my reaction would have been as strong if I had been continuing to use my Go every now and then over the past few months. There is definitely no way I want to go back to any headset that doesn’t have a FOV that at least matches the normal setting in my Pimax.


Yeah, we have a Vive Pro in our VR room at work and I can’t even put it on, it’s awful.


I used to think people who said this were exaggerating. It’s absolutely true, I can attest to it.


Ditto to everything written above :arrow_up: :grinning:

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I had to reinstall a Vive these days (to grav it’s Lighthouses and controllers) and tried it with Xortex (that ship game) and WOW.

How spoiled we are.


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