Would the 2080Ti even run the 8KX?

I’m honestly worried as a backer considering the new GPUs seem pretty disappointing.


Sure will it run - just not at playable framerates.


If there would have been no VR, the new GPUs would be awesome. In the epoch of VR it is very disappointing. Maybe an entire new GPU architecture and processing is required for the VR to really take off.


It would improve quite a bit, if game developers actually supported the VR-centric GPU features (like multi-projection).


To be fair. The 2080TI will run the Vive Pro just fine. Pimax as a small semi-startup does something extraordinary.
Instead of milking the consumer by increasing resolutiona and FOV in small steps they went all in and make the best HMD they can do. As a result it demands the most powerful hardware available just to run and reduced details.

In all honesty: This is a very risky move and nothing Oculus or HTC would dare to do and for a good reason in my opinion.
Pimax is catering to the real VR freaks who are a niche within a niche.

We can call ourselfs lucky that we dared backing this kickstarter. I never expected much out of this and was very sceptical. The three reviews totally surprised me. Yes the 5K+ seems to be better and there are compromises but it appears that we are about to get the best available VR HMD wich is pretty damn nice.

I doubt that the Vive 2 or next gen Rift will compare. They will be more rounded and consumer friendly products and you wont have to set two different resolutions in two different tools. I expect the Vive and Rift gens being wirdeless and around 120 to 140 FOV-ish. I’d rather play around with the rough edges of my Pimax and enjoy real next gen.


It should actually. But that depends on the game. Look at the Hall of Fame for VRMark Blue Room. That closely matches the requirements for 8KX (it renders in 5K per eye for wide FoV HMD) and doesn’t use any of the Turing generation VRWorks stuff (I think the only thing it does support is VR SLI). Enable DLSS and this thing will run the 8KX no problem (look at the 1440p scores, cause that’s what the internal render will be [per eye]). Or enable (fixed or adaptive) foveated rendering (with or without shiny AA upscale) and you might be able to drive the 8KX with a 1080 Ti.

That said, if devs do a shit job of optimizing games then the hardware will struggle.

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