Working on WASD "captoshoes" from sensors of captogloves

Working on a pair of wasd “captoshoes” using the captosensors of the captogoves.

Bending the feet while walking in place would be the W keystroke

Two Pressure sensors on the inside of the foot heals would be the a and d keystroke

Where should I put the sensor for the s button ?

Any suggestion is welcomed!


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W and D keystrokes on the right foot

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These shoes/method work for walking in place on psvr , ps4, xbox and vorpx games.

You need to use cronusmax on ps and xbox to have it work

Anyone has some ideas / suggestions ?

I am ok with the w and s keysteoke using the shoes.

I have extended the lenght of the wires for other 2 bending sensors that i wold use for the a and d keystrokes . I am thinking to put them somwhow on the back of tge knees so that they can get activated when bending the knees after a certain extension .

Any idea what i could use around the knees to put on it the bending sensors ?
I am looking at knee pads but i need to think more at a location to the bending sensor on it.

I kind of made it work.

W by walking in place

S by stepping back with right or left foot

A and D by bending the left or right knees respectively

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