Work with SteamVR folks to support higher resolutions?

Hi @PimaxVR,

Have you tried reaching out to SteamVR to see if they are willing to support higher resolutions (up to 4k x2, and beyond)? The VivePro at CES now sports a higher resolution, so SteamVR also supports this resolution. Though there will still be some scaling up, because the current standard of DP can’t push 4k x 2 @90 hz, SteamVR should support the highest resolution available so that when next-gen headsets, like Pimax 8k and 8kx, hit the markets they will already have supported resolutions.

SteamVR should also require future VR software support dynamic resolutions, and strongly recommend existing VR software update to dynamic resolutions.

And I know this last part is out of scope of this post, but if the opportunity arises, could you also ask them to integrate Piplay into SteamVR so that users don’t have to install/start extra software to get going?

Pimax is not tied on steamvr render, they bypass steamvr settings through own render with native extra large fov.

That’s my point. Reach out to SteamVR and have these things integrated in SteamVR.

steamer won’t support that fov (most likely)

You’ll never know unless you try. And why wouldn’t they support that FOV? HMD’s are evolving. SteamVR must also evolve.

they have used steamvr render long time ago, last year they spent to write their own render engine, there is no chance they will abandon all made work

They don’t need to abandon work, just integrate it within SteamVR.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. We will report it to our R&D Manager and update you if any progress.

Haha, provided there IS something like a R&D Manager.

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