Woohoo! Pimax 8KX is happening!

Crazy world we live in. I hope the riots soon stop with no more casualties. My thoughts are with George Floyds’s family. Very sad the marches seem to be used as an excuse for a small number of people to cause chaos and pain. :relieved:


I took a screenshot of this post, hopefully I don’t need to post it the first of july :wink:


Call me over optimistic but I really don’t think you will. Pimax have come along way since Kickstarter. They are constantly posting updates. I think they are just remaining vague on the dates and numbers on purpose waiting till the final pieces all slot together. Not long now. Pimax don’t need to give much notice on a date. Record it and upload be quite fitting with the title…Now. Spontaneous. I can’t see the loaner units return a priority.


Last thing he said was they’d start this week with the process, ‘as far as he knew’. So that’s 3 days left in China

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From the weekly update, I think it is pretty clear Pimax expects to begin deliveries by June 8th (SMAS first production), June 9th (8kX Second Production Kickoff) , or June 18th (SMAS Second Batch Production).


Since these are clear timelines, I would expect this means Pimax is more dependent on shipment arrival times than their own ability to assemble things. So if there are further delays, at least in principle, I would expect these could be proven to be due to the current global crisis and not Pimax’s fault, by such things as invoices, tracking numbers, etc (though this is probably proprietary information).

In other words, any further delays at this point should be due entirely to logistics disruption that is out of their hands.


From this march update, it was ‘pretty clear’ that Pimax expected to ship out in April: Weekly update 27/03/2020

So I don’t think that’s a valid point.


The first pilot mass production will happen and the 100 pcs headsets without MAS will start to assembly from 16th of April and end by 30th of April.

So. That didn’t happen. I think it is pretty obvious why.

I don’t really care about the ‘why’ anymore. I bought the 8k-X in october and was promised delivery in November. Time after time they promised things and it never materialized. So forgive me for thinking that action speaks louder than words.


I imagine it’ll be a while before most people start getting theirs. Sure they’ll send out a few to the original backers, but they’ll likely wait a little and see how it goes before creating any more. Basically the original backers will be another test phase.


Im going to take a wild guess and say it will be “by mail”.

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Razorsub - we’ve actually been producing these from before CES. They’ve gone through numerous changes, updates and upgrades during that time. After returning from the pandemic we began to build a large number of extra units in destructive test batches to avoid slow walking the actual production.

Individually the X’s have more changes than any previous headset so training was (and is) involved so the build time is longer than other headsets. The other thing is we are still building the other models so X production is slotted in with that production.

We are already quickly ramping up X production. Since the production began May 25th the team is already much faster per unit than before. The hardest part is optimizing the X production with the normal headset production.


Well Thankfully Pimax’s Operations are based in the China and last time I heard isn’t having any riots. Generally the Riots only affect US/EU and most Asian people generally don’t care.

As for Corona Virus China has been battling it longer than the rest of the world.

Although Pimax should totally just grab some free PR anyways.

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Please QA the units. I’ll be honest the only reason I didn’t purchase the loaner and I assume many others didn’t as 8KX backers is because they had defects that came with them. But since it’s a loaner it’ll be a huge waste of time and energy to deal with Pimax support to RMA them.

I’ll complain all day about Pimax being slow but at this point the only thing that would genuinely ruin Pimax is bad Quality Control.


These actually go through a complete extra stage of testing that lasts an entire day.


Good to hear they’re in a full production state. I wasn’t sure where exactly you stood with the testing of the units, and if that was still going on or not.

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From what I remember PimaxUSA always mentioned he wanted QA processes to expand when it was being discussed during 2019. If he’s happy about QA now, you can be content about it too.

To give you any idea, the 5K+ SN204 I received early Nov 2019 was well built. No cracks, proper placed displays and lenses, proper distortion profiles. Well built.

It’s the software we ought to worry about. The lack of standardization has been a real issue in the 5K+ series, and the software is still not up to the level of what the 8KX may be right now. GPU utilization of 75% average, app agnostic, hardware agnostic, with a Catalyst slider bugging out the right-eye is just not okay yet. A lot of work needs to be done there. I believe that getting PiTool set-up properly in time is crucial. I hope they can make that. We know that guy left. But it needs to be in focus. As a fan of the Pimax series, I must point at this.

The only viable version regarding performance vs no frametime jumps is 254a now, with alt-tabbing in/out around 30mins once to refresh memory and stay clear of the leak. But that won’t work for the 8KX. They need to fix GPU utilization, for example my RTX2080ti absolutely needs the utilization profile of 254a.


meh, i have the index controllers myself and alot of prominent youtube challes agree they arent that great. I much prefer the touch

so if the tracking is as good as oculus(unlikely) then it would be a winner for me on all counts.

except maybe that slightly larger fov which im hearing mixed things about. Is it really just as big as an OG vive without the fave foam?

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As long as your cementing what Martin said that Pimax will not be holding the 8kX for backers to return their loaners. Then most should be good. Save that you completely missed releasing info in the month of May when the event was suppose to happen.

As Seb and a wide variety of folks have stated; transparency is what is needed as has been advertised many times and almost always falls short. So not really false when folks are gaging things from a history of experiences. Simply put nothing has yet been proven to change what has been consistent.


Unless you look at no notice was given on closing Plan F as was stated to give folks a final chance to choose it.


All the misses are pretty obvious throughout the course. With the X and other items. The X has been slated to ship since Nov/Dec 2019. However there are items like Face Foam, Lighthouses, Prescription frames etc… That shouldn’t still be having delays. Especially 3rdparty items that have been around for a long time.