With the steep price of 1590 eur (17299kr) here in Norway 8kX. Future proofing, cable bandwith upgrade and hz?

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As the title says the price with added taxes and shop premium for easy returns etc on this HMD is quite expensive. I can barely swallow it with selling my 5k+ but seeing as the refresh rates are 75 in native and it was originally planned for 90 with 2 cables im really curious about the future proofing on this HMD. If it will be replaced next year (6 months) with new cables and basically the same HW this seems like bit of a bad buy. Is there any chance of a HW upgrade or very cheap upgrade plan for the owners of the 8kx? While i highly doubt it is there implemented a future upgrade cable connection on the hmd itself?

Id love to hear from Pimax on this before i commit to the 8kX

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To be honest there is nothing that they could or would tell you at this point that would help in your decision. You really need to just make the decision based on what is already known today. You have to decide if the current status of the 8kx is worth the cost to you. Pimax is not known for keeping time tables so giving you reliable info on potential future changes or upgrades really wouldn’t be of much use. Impressions can vary so much between individual users of Pimax headsets that it makes it really hard to know for sure how well you will like it without trying it first. At least though having a 5k+ you already have some idea of what the experience is like so you wouldn’t be going in totally blind.


Always remember that the 8K X is very close to the XTAL 8K, and that for a much lower price.
The Xtal 8K cost with taxes over 8000 € and the 8K X with taxes something like 1400 € (direct buy from pimax otherwise via immersive display ca. 1640 €)

The 8K X has the same panels (!) like the Xtal and has a higher vertical FOV than the Xtal (100 vs 115°). Horizontal is practical the same.

Also the 8K X has a upscale mod up to 118 Hz. The Xtal only has 72 Hz, not more.

Picture Quality is only slightly better in the Xtal.
Xtal is also much heavyer than the 8K X ( 1000 gram vs 780 gram)

And do not worry, there will be not so fast a new version of the headset.
Pimax will (should) concentrate more in reliability than in developing new headsets.
The 8K X is very future proof.

If you want the best out of the best for the best possible price, get the 8K X.

If it is still to expensive for you, take the 8K Plus.
Picture quality is slightly more worse than a native 8K X, but on ebay you can save up to 600 € (currently there is a Plus on ebay for 848 €).

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Agreed with what has been said. That being said a fiber cable may improve possibilities of maybe a higher native refresh and/or updates.

The simple truth if there are newer better hardware components available then there is a very high probability a new 8kX model ie 8kX+ is likely to be released. With new DP standards coming, new GPUs, Bridgechips, headsets will surely follow to take advantage of what is released.

It would be like the GPU buyer buying the Top Nvidia 2000 series card hoping Nvidia wouldn’t release a new gpu line so soon.

:roll_eyes: :rofl: …


Okay missed his Future Proof comment. No such thing in the Tech Industry save maybe a power supply. :laughing:

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Why the hell everybody has to buy every year the best new Update of the old product?
This is destroying your money and our environment. It is getting more worse with every new year.

From my side: the 8kx will hold up the next two years .

I hate this “throw away” thingy .
Then next year you are buying the better 8kx Version and than? What you are going to do with the “old” one. With 99 percent probability you will sell it and lose hundred of Dollars.

And then this cycle goes on in every new year.
New hype, new products, more disappointment.
I will not do that. I have my X and i will hold it AS Long AS there ist No REALLy better Headset, Something Like 220 Fov and 8k per eye or so.

And that will take 5 years or more…

So please think more about this situation


I don’t think anyone would disagree with what you say here. But that is not what the OP was asking. He is trying to make a decision on getting the 8kx now based on whether or not any improvements will be made to it in the near future. The 8kx is a great headset and I really like mine so far, but it is not future proof. In the technology world nothing is future proof because things are constantly being improved. Now whether or not a person chooses to keep up with all of the changes by constantly buying new hardware is a personal choice but you should never buy something today because you think it is future proof. Something better will always come out and we never truly know how long that will be. Might be a couple of years or it might be a couple of months. You state 5 years or more for 220 Fov and 8k per eye or so…that may be true or it may not…either way you shouldn’t make a purchase today because you think that, you should make the purchase because it satisfies what you want today.

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His question was about future proof. The 8kX with all the new improvements coming like DP 2.0 will not be future proof in that respect.

As for those whom constantly upgrade welcome to corporate marketing. Intel/Amd/Nvidia etc… Have much nicer tech in the lab and simply trickle out improvements to keep money flowing. Something there business more or less needs to do to keep floating.

Most hardware consumers buy can easily last 2 to 5 years. Consoles usually are designed with a 5 year life before a new model. However they have a larger pool to draw money from ie subscriptions, game sales and there brand made peripherals.

Look how many buy a new cell phone every year. However your right it is killing the environment even with electronics recycling and hand me downs.

Indeed. Anyone whom already has an 8k or 5k or even an Artisan doesn’t really need to upgrade. I wonder how many are buying the G2 that own the G1? Consumers are always interesting.

It’s a bit of topic but I couldn’t agree more and that’s also part of the reason I’m wondering about this. I bought my vive, odyssey, p5k+ second hand and the same with my 1080ti and mb and I don’t like upgrading my computer more than once every 4-5 years so and I generally buy top spec but not things like the 3090 joysticks and such list for over 10-15 years np and it’s easy to fix. If I do buy the 8kx I won’t upgrade for at least 2-3 years but its a bit boring if a large update and new version comes in 6 months. Doubtful but I can’t be sure with Pimax. Now pimax is somewhat modular on design and that’s great but perhaps not with cable upgrades with bandwidth and such. Does not hurt to ask though


Ideally to have the near perfect hmd we need something like OSVR had in a pimax hmd frame. That way you can upgrade/replace key components. Ie Mainboard(bridgechip usb controller), display panels, optics.

However this would need a more refined design then pimax currently has to be fully modular like that and of course higher cost to make components switchable without too much headaches involved like a fully upgradeable laptop frame.

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