Windows 10 Creators Update

Hi All,
Recently I let Windows 10 update to the Creators edition (major update).
Let’s face it, we’re all going to update sooner or later so I thought I’d bite the bullet and take the pain.

Basically, it updates everything but everything still looks the same and mostly works the same.

My major concern obviously was how would Pimax cope with the update.

Happily it seems to cope well, although I did have a problem that my 360 Videos wouldn’t play when launched from Piplay.
In fact the AutoVRPlayer that is launched by Piplay wouldn’t even launch and the Pimax screen would go blank instead of the normal Pimax logo and downhill it went from there.

Well after lots of head scratching and some help from Pimax support (those guys are great), I have resolved the problem and so I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone else falls into this one.

It seems that the Creators update messes with the video Codecs and although the fix is simple, it drove me to distraction until I was able to sort it out.

So if it happens to you, uninstall the codecs you have already, download the latest K-Lite codecs from here, Download K-Lite Codec Pack Mega and install them and hopefully it will sort it out for you too.


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I have stopped doing any windows 10 updates. They all screw up my xbone controller in some games and the updates are the only think I can figure out is responsible because resetting pc and not accepting updates is the only way they continue to work. Just ordered the pimax and I am excited to try it out so I hope it does not depend on windows being updated.

Yes I know what you’re saying and I also resisted, but sooner or later we’ll all have to update as Microsoft fixes current bugs.
It’s inevitable because Windows 10 is designed to drive you crazy until you update it.

I’ve had my Pimax for about six or seven months now and there have been lots of Windows 10 updates and apart from some minor inconveniences such as the one I described, Pimax has worked fine, especially when it comes to SteamVR and games.

So if you are going to get a Pimax, in my opinion this probably is the best time to bring Windows 10 to the latest version, before your first install of the Pimax software.

I have run into more bugs with the updates than the fresh install. I set it to not download updates at all and it has not bugged me since it has been great. Just took only using wifi and no lan, set the connections to metered and it won’t download updates. The last update made my controller not work with oculus rift so I could not play controller games at all. Have you had any problems with controller function from windows updates? I have seen on the web that it is acommon problem. And I don’t like using touch controls and some other games don’t even use the touch controls that I want to play, like time machine. Thanks for the help!

The only controllers I have are Saitek X52Pro HOTAS, Steam Controller and a XBox360 Controller and I haven’t noticed any issues with those, but I don’t have an Oculus or Vive so don’t have any of their controllers to complicate things further.