Windows 10 + AMD's latest drivers = Blue Screen of Death

I have a MSI 390x and have a blue screen problem in Windows 10 Anniversary Edittion

Crimson 16.9.2 = All works fine.
Crimson 16.10.1 = BSOD
Crimson 16.10.2 = BSOD
Crimson 16.10.3 = BSOD
Crimson 16.11.1 = BSOD

With the last drivers i have always the same error.
If I install the 16.9.2 version everything works fine.

Anyone else with this problem?

Hi! When did your PC has this issue? After you plug in the Pimax usb cable? or…

And Thank you for your issue. Please use the 16.9.2 first, and I will hand this issue on our engineers and we will try to solve this problem.
BTW, what is your piplay version and FW version?

I have the same issue with my RX480. I’m now looking at switching to a Nvidia GTX 1070.

Piplay: 1.1.74
Pimax FW:

The problem apears randomly. For example I can play 10 min and i have a BSOD, or when restart the PC I have a BSOD, or when I boot SteamVR. Always the same error. I have only tried mode PIMAX. With Crimson 16.9.2 I can play all time without errors.

I have read the dump file of error and i have this:

110416-6171-01.dmp 04/11/2016 0:30:54 SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x1000007e ffffffffc0000005 fffff808de13fa76 ffffa4019048d558 ffffa4019048cd80 dxgmms2.sys dxgmms2.sys+5aa6c x64 dxgmms2.sys+4fa76 C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\110416-6171-01.dmp 4 15 14393 411.196 04/11/2016 0:31:25

My computer: i5 4690k, AMD MSI 390x and 16GB RAM.

OK, thank you for your feedback.
I will hand it on our engineer. And please use the 16.9.2 first.
We will check that issue and solve it, if that is our problem.

Yes, im using now 16.9.2.

I hope that yours engineers can solve the problem, because the new driver have new optimizations for VR with Oculus/SteamVR.

Thanks you very much.

Same problem with 16.11.2 BSOD again.

Our engineer said that is AMD drives’ problem, but our engineer will try to solve this problem. Thank you for your waiting!

Thank you very much.

Clearly something has changed in the driver that is causing these problems. I hope they can fix it, because those drivers bring very many improvements for VR and other games.