Will the Pimax 5K+ also be sold outside of the kickstarter?

like with the Pimax 8K itself?

sure it will. If people will buy, they will sell.

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If I was in Pimaxs shoes, 5k+ would be the ONLY HMD I would sell outside the kick starter.

It is the best of the 3 in almost every way and it IMO doesn’t make enough sense to split the market right now.


Yeah, definitely.

They should concentrate on producing and selling the 5K+, drop the 8K, and work on the 8K X.

The 5K+ will sell like hot cakes at this moment in time.

Drop the 8K, if they cannot make it better than the 5K+

The 8K X will be massive, if they pull it off.


For sure. I really think that after having shipped to backers, they should ONLY sell the Pimax 5k+ and then focus on improving the Pimax 8k-X and once that thing is any good, release that as the Pimax 8k.


you will need a massive GPU or 2 to handle it as well!


Based on some benchmarks we saw, a 8k X could already be clearer than 5k+ wih a GTX1080ti, so it is definitely possible for the people with the top GPUs.

Also, a GPU can probably do a far better job of upscaling than the chip built into the 8k.

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None of them will be available.

Everything has only been built for the Kickstarter and then they’re going to sell up and invest in cabbages.


[quote=“sjefdeklerk, post:5, topic:9078, full:true”]…they should ONLY sell the Pimax 5k+ and then focus on improving the Pimax 8k-X and once that thing is any good, release that as the Pimax 8k.
I agree (w/ all 3). Pimax’s original plan was to ONLY sell the Pimax 8K; they others (5K and 8KX) were intended to be exclusive offers for backers.

@deletedpimaxrep1 & @Sean.Huang, I think the 5K+ has changed all that.

My advice would be to initially sell only the 5K+ to end users (except for commercial sales of 5K and maybe 8K to fulfill any contractual obligations). Of course, backer’s fulfillment takes highest priority. Then finish work on the accessories and concurrently redesign the 8KX to be the 8K+, which would have a integrated scaler which can be bypassed. There’s a new “bridge” chip coming, which has an integrated scaling module.

The 8K+ should be able to run at 4K native res @ 90 Hz and when using the scaler, should get AT LEAST 80 Hz, preferably higher. Ideally, it should be able to use only 1 video cable when scaled and auto-switch to native res when connected to 2 video cables. PiTool should be able to force scaling, even when 2 cables are connected. The deluxe audio head strap should be included as standard equipment, along with at least 1 base station and 1 10m video cable. This “8K+ Deluxe” would be a top-end “killer headset”, imo. Perhaps an “upgrade kit” could contain the 2nd lighthouse, an additional 10m video cable, and 2 controllers. All of the accessories should be available for individual purchase.

I think all 8KX backers should be upgraded to the 8K+, much like the original 5K backers. This would allow for Pimax engineers to avoid designing a low-volume 8KX headset and jump straight to a true 2nd gen product. It would also “reward” 8KX backers for have to wait for any additional delays.

That’s what I would have bought, had it been available for retail purchase.


The problem is, if it turns out the panel is the problem with the 8K we could be waiting another 1-2 years for a suitable panel.

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True, but the 8KX was always going to use the same panels as the 8K. Maybe a better panel will be available be the time it’s ready to ship, but that’s a “would be nice”, not a “must have”.

It is a must have if it turns out to be a 1080 x 3840 panel instead of the 2160 we all ordered.