Will the Pimax 4K speakers plug into the Pimax 8K or 5K+

I really like the audio quality of the Pimax 4K speakers. It looks like the 8K side head straps are in the same place near your ears as the Pimax 4K. So I was wondering if the 4K speakers could be placed in the 8K strap and plug into the 8K HMD?


If I recall correctly the 4k uses two headphone jacks because it’s mono. The 8k and 5k+ uses one stereo jack. Maybe with an adapter it could work. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Haven’t tried it but a y splitter would be needed.

@vrpark demoed showing it.

Works with Y splitter & can fit on the 4K’s strap but was too uncomfortable/awkward to my liking on the 8K.

Could not get the earphones fully on ears without drooping & since the headphones are meant to be over-ear, the attempt became void.


Probably need to hack something up. If I get a chance will see what I can come uo with my Pooe man’s head mount.