Will the Hand Tracking Module be retrofitable

Hi folks will the hand tracking module be retrofitable to existing head sets? If so will there be any limitations?

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Will work on any Pimax headset except for the original 4k.


If you mean modifiable to non pimax headsets or the p4k? Hard to say(probably not non pimax headsets as not sure if ultra leap software is seperate or not). With pitool being used maybe the p4k with an extra usb coming from your pc but you’d need to make your own mount and need an 90° usb-c connector.

Tbh you’d be better off getting a leap v1.0 for less hassles. Or one of the p2 headsets as PimaxUSA says.

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More that the existing Pimax head sets are plug and play. Sounds good guys. What are we thinking about delivery at the moment?

With current info? Maybe sometime summer. Any pimax headset in the p2 series (Artisan/5k+/5kXR/8k/8k+/8kX) will for sure work with these headsets.

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