Will the 8k X work with V1 lighthouses

Hey guys just as the title says , Will the 8k X work with V1 lighthouses , i have looked around and cant find an answer, any help ,thanks!!

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The 8KX uses v2 sensors (like all the other Pimax headsets (and Valve Index)) which work with both v1 and v2 basestations, so yes.

IF You chose to use v2 basestations though, You will not be able to use v1 accessories like Vive Wands with the headset (but Knuckes/Valve Index controllers will work).

In short: V2 sensors (which are used in devices) are backwards compatible, but V2 lighthouses are not.


Thank you for the answer ,i was thinking they would ,
Good to get a second opinion !!!


Oh, forgot about this. Hmm, I think Iā€™m just gonna keep my v1 bases and Vive wands and trade in my v2 bases and controllers for sweet discounts.


I have three v1 basestations (1 for seated and 2 for room-scale in another room) and I see absolutely no reason to replace them (untill they die)ā€¦ :wink: