Will Pimax release the 8KX, 5K OLED, 5KS, Artisan models with the new hybrid lenses? Also discussion on new cards

Will this be possible? If the new GPUs are not able to run the 12K QLED at 90hz-120hz consistently it might be more feasible to run the 8KX at those frame rates or older Pimax headsets.

Reports arsle saying that the 4X series NVIDIA GPU will be monolithic and not Chiplet based, 4090 will have a recommended price of around $1700 MSRP and Radeon RX7900 for around $2000, but the RX will run at 400 watts and the 4090 will run at 800 watts, whilst the 4090 will deliver less performance than the RX7900 because it is not a Chiplet design.

So this means we will have to use an 800W card just to get the most out of VR since only NVIDIA cards work with some of Pimax’s features, and I don’t see NVIDIA bringing the power usage back down to 400W in the next generation 5090 which may use chiplets.

I’m bringing this up because I’d like to have a discussion on whether the NVIDIA specific features such as FFR/DFR/ VRS /DLSS are worth it if AMDs card runs better than the 4090 by about 50% and consumes half the power?

Almost certainly not. The “Reality” line is their next line of HMDs and not just the 12k. They’ll be cheaper, and lower spec, offerings in it. To what extent, we don’t know however.

Dynamic Foveated Rendering is integral to the 12k, and the reality line in general, and how it functions, which provides an almost 40% boost in performance on 3080s. So running it at native with decent FPS on current high end hardware is probably not a pipe dream, especially considering stuff such as FSR could further help.

Take all rumors with a grain of salt as we’re probably around 5-6 months out from release.


Vrs is being implemented on Amd and if not mistaken & on intel gpus? Somethings may need to wait n see how Tobii and Amd play together. With Psvr2 having ET and I believe FR being on Amd hardware we may see some impressive amd improvements.

Though at this time it is very curious with the continued silence on a 12k update as no demo happened at CES due to what sounded reasonable at the time. Though now being March with still nothing shown or even updated is quite curious to say the least.

I actually wouldn’t mind an 8KX OLED.


indeed, make it happensed Pimax! @PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal @PimaxUSA

Yeah I am still running my pimax xr and sometimes prefer it to the varjo aero , like for example walking dead saints and sinners

I read a rumor that the RTX 4070 will be 10 to 30% more powerful than a 3090 - NVidia is cranking up the power usage so that they can compete with the Radeon series’ 3D rasterization, since the 3000 series fell behind in that area. So no need to get the whole-hog 4090, even the lower end will cover most games. In this generation, I have a 3080 ti, and there is only one game on my Pimax 8KX I wish I had a better GPU for, Flight Sim 2020 VR.

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