Will Pimax at least try and help me get my hmd working again?

I have the red green flashes of death, and can enter dfu mode and get the blue ,greeen red , flashing fast , and upgrade to 1.192…BUT i have allready upgraded to latest FW., have no other commands or dfu files to reset to. I did open the hmd to clean it so im not under warranty anymore but I KNOW THE HMD is not damaged , just opened CARFULLY FOR CLEANING!, …so will pimax get on teamviewer with me and skype and enter some code or a dfu file to try and UNBRICK ,my hmd???, or hide behind the fact that i cleaned the hmd, and im out of warranty, i hope they help me , the fact that these hmds get dust and such behind the lenses and there is no official guide to cleaning , i have a dk1 and dk2 and have dissasembled BOTH for cleaning, and they sitll work fine!..PIMAX pls try and help me and others that have this situatuation!! thanks

I have never heard of a device that bricks itself when you open it, I wonder if this is even legal ? PIMAX should help you out.

Hey kev, send me a pm .