Will Pimax 8K work with Vive trackers?

Thinking of picking up a vive tracker for my Vive, any idea if this will also work with Pimax (like the vive controllers will) ?

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

The controller wands communicate with the PC via the HMD, so Pimax has to have the watchman board installed.

The trackers communicate with the PC via a dedicated USB dongle, so really, it’s just mix-and-match between SteamVR HMDs.

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If you already have a VIVE, and are planning to use those base stations with the 8K, then yes it will work fine since the trackers are based off SteamVR v1.0 tracking. If you purchased the base stations along with your 8K, then the current tracking pucks won’t be able to be tracked by them as SteamVR v2.0 tracking cannot track v1.0 accessories.

So yes, as long as you are keeping your old VIVE base stations all should work fine.

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Very likely it will, but be careful, Pimax will come with 2.0 base stations, while the Vive trackers use 1.0.
Meaning, you will need to either wait for 2.0 trackers or use 1.0 base stations.

( I am making the assumption that you can use v2.0 on HMD with v1.0 peripheries if you have v1.0 base stations )

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Correct v2.0 tracking is backwards compatable with base stations v1.0.

Just v2.0 base stations(lighthouses) are only compatiable with tracking v2.0 devices.

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Just keep in mind the Vive wands will only work with Vive Lighthouses.

Vive wands use v1.0 tracking & ate not compatible with PiMax Lighthouses (v2.0 Lighthouses)

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For some reason I have a mental block whenever somebody explains how it works lol.
Ahh, yes I get it now…
…and I’ve forgotten.