WIll Oculus open up their platform to support Pimax?

And I’m not talking about backdoor workarounds like Revive. As Nate Mitchel from Oculus said “We have a vision where basically more headsets are connecting into the Oculus platform.”

I’m wondering if they will open up their platform to Pimax then? Has Pimax had any discussion with Oculus on this matter?

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Great to hear fb/oculus are finally considerating following Valve’s lead.

ReVive though is at least supported By Lucky Palmer with a $2000/month donation.

For Oculus to properly support other headsets, they would need to support 3rd party positional tracking like Laser tracking that Valve has. As both companies use Infrared technologies for tracking.

Rift Optical ir tracking with oculus cams to track “constelations” of ir leds.

Where as Valve uses IR lasers with pickups (sensors) to detect & measure position.

Due to this these tracking systems would most likely interfere with one another.

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Here’s where Nate said that, back in July.

I don’t see Oculus opening up their platform any time soon, and especially not just to Pimax. If they’re gunna open it up, they’d open it up to everyone. that’s indicated in Nate’s next sentence:

“A big part of that has actually been the OpenXR initiative, which we’ve been one of the key contributors to since the very beginning.”

Valve and SteamVR are part of the OpenXR group, which means as long as Pimax is using SteamVR tracking, it would be included in the supported headsets whenever this more open, OpenXR, Oculus store opens.

Nate later says:

“So it’s not impossible to think that in the future you could buy a headset that’s not made by an Oculus partner that actually plugs into the platform, and whether that’s done in collaboration with us […] or whether it’s something built by someone else—whether it’s Ben Lang’s headset that you’ve made totally separate from us—there is a possible future where that plugs right into the Oculus platform and you’re able to drop into everything you know and love about Oculus.”

Which pretty clearly states that this is a looong term idea, and only a possibility. Not something any of us should expect any time soon. And, at the very least, we need to wait for OpenXR to progress and get fully released before this becomes a reality.

Gotcha thought you had a typo & meant openvr.

Openxr is part of the Vulkan project (opengl next) under Khronos. So i beleive this is more on graphics then yet another splinter in VR computer platform.

-OSVR (Razer) Opensource
-OpenVR (Valve) Semi opensource (branched of osvr)

& of course all the OSVR based branches.

Hi @Precog, Pimax 8k x can’t use with oculus’ tower.

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They way I see it, if Oculus is not opening up and pimax are delivering on their promises, I’ll just leave Oculus behind. It’s as simple as that. That being said I’d think it would be more beneficial to oculus to do open up to other headsets. I’d like to see that.

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It would indeed. Probably why Lucky is helping to fund ReVive.

Valve gets its. More VR headsets in steam = More title sales in steam store.

All the facebook integration in the form.of facebook spaces is what will ultimately hold Oculus back. Maintaining its walled garden approach is essential to the facebook MO.

The fact that Oculus is investing in the Go and Santa Cruz shows that they are opting for a more slow and conventional approach. (I cant believe we are calling 110 degrees with 6dof tracking conventional, lol)

I understand why Oculus is opting for this approach though. Market penetration, adoption, and the breakdown of moore’s law unfortunately mean that the industry will have to look to software optimization, cost reduction, and minor hardware upgrades, etc. If they want to maximize profit.

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oculus is dead already the day they closed their platform.
Trying to monopolize on their hmd and platform is stupid, just like apple does.
That kind of garbage i don’t need.
Many people will love PImax for its modular approach and open source.
Especially DIY people


Oculus has said that they were gonna open up their platform from the start, as a response to people being angry at their walled garden, they have shown no indication that they are planning to ever do so.

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true, big difference between saying and doing.

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They didn’t open it up for the Vive so why would they open it for Pimax?

really we need another model on this planet, instead of competing against each other to secure each own security, helping each other might be better for everyone…

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You have to remember that Oculus poached (whether intentional or not) Valve employees after benefiting a great deal from Valve’s internal prototypes, (IE The Valve Room HMD.)

The two companies did play nice prior to the Facebook acquisition. It seems to me that Valve’s initial plan was just to help Palmer, and the Rift would have used Steam for content distribution.

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I take me hands of everything (if possible) that has some connection with facebook.
(I hope that more people open their eyes and understand what facebook and the nsa are doing together. Please pay attention to your own privacy and the privacy of your children.)