Will any backers receive their headset in August 2018?

New update, but no real dates. There was a lot of text, but I came away from it without any solid information about when Pimax will start delivering headsets.



short answer… no

i will not make the mistake again and expect anything earlier than december^^ chrismas seems to be a nice date for getting the pimax 8K :smiley: i think we are lucky if we get it this year ^^


Best case for a very low backer number is sometime in September, given shipping and customs delays. My backer number is in the mid 3000s, so I’m looking at late November or December for mine to arrive.


I’m thinking very early backers, possibly in October

@deletedpimaxrep1, i do not care how you guys do it but some of us want the Headset like NOW, we do not care about any software “more improvements”. And I am one of them, i want mine ASAP, i can live with software’s bugs. Just ship it to me already.

Imma send you an email too as you stated in the update if you still wont reply here.


My birthday is in the last week of September, @deletedpimaxrep1. Just saying…


lol, mine was this month… that didn’t work out

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I hope they are right … backer No 141 !!! :laughing:

Lol. #248 here… 18 too high for the 230 batch…

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I’m already so sorry for writing this and I don’t mean no harm … But anytime allocen is crying he wants it NOW, I picture him in some cellar nearly bursting from gas, hoping to wear the 8K just once before completely exploding …

Again, no harm intended :wink: Glad you’re feeling better pal. Just your TMI mixed with your IMPATIENCE triggers my funny bones…


The only way to shorten the wait is a time-out from the forum and the vr topic in general. There are so many other pleasing things you can do…

Nah there are not. VR is life…


I am starting to get worried about the controllers. Shouldn’t they have a working prototype by now so we can get them this year.

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I think August is too early, as they are first planning to hold backer meetups this month and meanwhile roll the production line, so most likely after that. But then again, I dont know more than what’s been said in latest announcement.


Pimax should hurry up!
In the HTC developer forum it sounds like the Vive 4k will be released at the end of this year and it will not be impossible, that steams knuckels came with the new vive.
I also predict, that the others, like LG etc., also not sleeping during the last month :confused:

Yeah, the Holidays are a big deal for sales, I’m sure we’re gonna see some headset revisions.

This is the most important question. Can @deletedpimaxrep1 please answer?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think she can answer (yet). Until the M2 headsets are received by the beta testers and Pimax is given the “green light”, no one knows when headsets will start being shipped to backers. There might even need to be an M3, but I hope not.


Where in the hell have you seen on their garbage forum that they state by the end of the year a new vive will come?

Also if so, just imagine the insane 1999euro price tag for very few upgrades. I hope HTC dies faster so we can get rid of their BS and let bigger players to step up the game, like Pimax or LG.


In the privat circle of the htc developer forum :wink:
Let´s wait and see…

Up to today, the htc vice pro is the best VR on the market.
Very expensive, but the very best :relieved:
I hope pimax will chance that.
Also here, let´s wait and see…