Will 8KX backers be offered choice of a 5K+ loaner?

@deletedpimaxrep1 (and anyone else) I’m not sure if this has been asked (and answered) elsewhere but will 8KX backers be given the option to get a 5K+ headset on loan instead of the 8K? (On same basis of keep if prefer over 8KX, return for 8KX or buy as 2nd headset)


I got the survey last night, they did give me the option of the 8k or 5k+ loaner.


What backer number are you Rawb?

I’m backer #13.

And my reply needed to be longer than that so here are some extra words.

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Yup. I asked this yesterday. Here’s her response: http://community.openmr.ai/t/can-we-bank-our-100-rebate/8268/10?u=cazman321