Why M1 and not V6? Is it that close to Mass production?

@deletedpimaxrep1 posted that the next version is a production unit, not a new prototype. Does this mean that the hardware is final? Only need software tweaks? Can Pimax resolve all of the issues posted in the following post for the Mass production unit:


This is the link to the update post created by @deletedpimaxrep1


There are juat so many questions involved with jumping from V5 to M1. What will be the difference between prototype and close to mass production unit. Will M1 be shipped out immediately? Or will it be M2 or M3? Do we get to choose which one we want delivered to us? How then is it different from V5 or V6?

Can someone from Pimax please answer these questions?
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AFAIK the distinction is that M units have tooling for mass production. That’s it.


Is the M1 made with one of tooling for prototyping though? or is it final tooling? That’s the question. It seems like some components may be finalized like the housing. The way xunshu explained it I think the Lenses can still be improved V2/V3

By fine tuning maybe the tooling can be perfected/ adjusted

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From kickstarter, it confirm that will be v5, but never tell that it will has v6.

If it has v6, we will feel the long time of development, who know, may it has v7, v8,v9 and people will have more concern.

M1 = mass production version and will make backer have more confident about their process and timeline. If people can waiting more time by those feeling, the team don’t need to rush for the development right now.


Think of it as the shell componets. The internal electronics can still be changed where needed.

At least thats how i understand it.


Pimax has been vague about it, but what I think it means is that at this point, they’re not going to change the hardware components themselves anymore, including the optics. They will tweak things though.