Why isnt pimax 8kx 16:9 in steam VR

Genral question. I’ve got pimax with large fov and it states ideal resolution is 5008 x 3160. Weird since that’s not 16x9. And the panels are 16x9…this is in non parallel projection mode…so what gives?

The format has nothing in common with the resolution in VR. The image is distorted to compensate for the optical properties of the lenses.
2D and VR are completely different worlds.

Ok so maybe to compensate for the pincusion,+ barrel distortion? I guess Id just like to see where that comes from and why I effectively lose 12 % clarity somewhere.

The limits of your view in VR are the edges of the lenses, not the panels. The lenses are not 16:9. And the “aspect ratio” of the lenses, to the extent that the concept even applies, changes depending on factors like IPD setting.

No VR headset can make use of every pixel on its panels. Only a lens shaped subset of pixels are usable.

The wasted pixels are in part an artifact of adapting display technology that wasn’t originally intended for VR. Truly purpose built panels for dedicated VR use wouldn’t be rectangular… and certainly wouldn’t have an aspect ratio based on cinematic movie projection.


you can also check out some basics for the visible part here.
In addition, there is the masked outdoor area (HAM) which always has to be included. Difficult to generalize.

You can also find many posts by @risa2000 here in the forum that describe rendering on the Pimax well


These links were an interesting read. Thanks for posting them.


Thanks for links. I appreciated them

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