Why has Pimax dropped ball on working with DCS Dev Eagle Dynamics?

Wags says, Pimax has disappeared from any discussions. Very sad Pimax dropped the ball. I am one of a ton of folks who plan on using the Pimax for DCS exclusively. You would think Pimax would jump at the chance to work with a dev that has clients who have the funds to build top of the line PC’s who likely have the funds to buy pimax’s HMDs too.


Because they dropped every other ball so why not this one to.


You got no balls anymore, Pimax. :smiley:

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Haha, they can’t use survey monkey or tracking numbers. People still think they’re competent enough to work alongside a successful developer.
It’s a shame pimax are pimax but they are.


Do you have any information about that?

I don’t have any information on that BUT I’m happy to work with this developer to make certain proper support is there. Can someone volunteer the correct contact information? I will make sure they are assisted.


You’re after Matthew Wagner (Wags) as the contact point I believe.

Taken from forums.eagle.ru

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You guys have been in contact with him in the past…you should already have his detail’s

That is very encouraging PrimaxUSA. These guys are professional Developers for the flight sim consumer community as well have contracts to the US government for their A-10 warthog flight training program. These guys know what they’re are doing and the Pimax would be the next evolution in flight sim VR. I can only imaging the US government ordering Pimax HMD if they work exceptionally well with the DCS military training software they currently employ for their pilots. Us civilians on the consumers side would benefit greatly as well.


My office is based in the US and the records are in Chinese. While I can attempt to search through them it is much faster and saves me a great deal of time if someone could help me out a little and shoot me an email address, if you have one. I have a very large volume of tasks in progress and anything that can save time would be greatly appreciated.


That would be wonderful. High quality sims is a natural environment for hi-end HMD’s.

Sent his e-mail via PM


Thanks for the address and have already exchanged emails together with Matt.


Excellent outcome - looking forward to receiving my 5K+ any day now, here in Australia. DCS in the PIMAX should be very good!


Glad you could sort it out. Matt is a top bloke