Who wants to sell his 5kplus or 8k to me?New Update,i bought one from @DocsOutatimeTV and its on his way soon

who wants to sell his 5kplus or 8k to me?

I am a backer also,but i am at the end off the line…

So if somebody got two headsets let me know if you want to sell one too me…

Best regards,

Women receiving this message, please ignore. John is specifically asking for “his” headset, so that he can be sure the headset he buys will be cootie-free.



I’m sorry, all this waiting for my headset as a mid-range backer has me resorting to making lame, unoriginal jokes. Please disregard…:sweat_smile:


No problem man!! :wink:

So what’s the price range you are thinking about ?
You need the headset only or with full pledge accessories ?

Your location NL ?

hello there,

i need the headset only,my location is NL.

You can send me a personal message if you want too…

Best regards

Yes made the deal with @DocsOutatimeTV,happy now!
i hope it arrrives soon!


OK, it sounds like I can close this thread. If anyone would like me to unlock it, just PM me.