Who is happy with the 8KX?

I haven’t got my 8KX yet (waiting for mine to be shipped) but have been reading seemingly nothing on the forum recently apart from people complaining about ‘extremely small sweet spot’, ‘only one eye in focus at a time’, ‘having to move your head around to get text in focus’.

It begs the question whether the 8KXs being shipped are the same as those that were at CES and if anyone is actually happy with them?

Put your hand up If you are happy in general and don’t have these problems (or at least that the problems are not too bad for you) - I want to have hope that I will like mine!!

Edit: just had a nose at the 8K+ forum and doesn’t seem like people are having these types of problems with that headset interestingly!


I’m quite happy with it. It’s far from perfect, biggest issues for me are that the comfort is quite bad, sound really bad and that I have to lower my IPD to get it sharp in both eyes which gives me eye strain after 30 minutes. But the picture quality is just really really good. Somehow also the distortions are less for me on the 8k-X than on my 5k+


for me exact the same impressions…


Yes, I’m really happy with mine. I just need to get a video card upgrade to really make proper use of the resolution. My 1080ti isn’t strong enough to really drive it.


i’m quite happy with it, It fits me fairly well, sound can be rather loud and is far better than I expected from those small above ear speakers and I can play for hours with no eye strain. The picture is really good even though there is some excessive geometry compression towards sides.

I know not everybody has as good an experience with it as me so I guess I’m just lucky to have a good head shape for the headset.


You mean: distortion :slight_smile:

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it’s a kind of distortion i guess, but normally distortion implies an unintended effect and I’m not sure this is.


Well that’s what people generally mean with distortion, the bending of objects. Objects compress near the edges, like they’re made out of rubber.

For me this was worse on the 5k+


that’s not what i’m talking about though.


I’m satisfied Since I wasn’t expecting any technical miracles, it’s exactly what I had hoped for.
With some suspected weaknesses that I can live with.


It’s not as good as I hoped, but better than I feared.


It is basically like my 5k plus but much sharper image, better 3D depth (once adjusted), and no perceptible screen door. I feel more presence in it so I am happy with it. I was able to mostly fix the comfort and audio with modifications.


once you take the time to set the verticle and horizontal ipd to your liking its really wonderful. I was personally worried about the 75 hz because on my 5k+ id easily get sick after 20 minutes at a stable 90fps but for whatever reason on the 8kx, vr sickness is extremely reduced to the point where i can crank up the supersampling and watch the blue scenes in 20 fps with almost no motion sickness. the comfort is a little bad but its still better than the cloth strap by alot. I hear a counterweight almost completely fixes this problem and I have one on order. The audio is about what I expected but I have a dmas on the way. 0 distortions with ipd dialed in. The only issue I have that I would deem as unfixable and bugs me is the edge blurriness.


Am happy with mine, comfort is great, sound is bad for premium headset. Do my basestation desided to say bye bye so can only run it at sims.


I am happy.

Once IPD and lens to eye distance sorted, I am pleasantly surprised to find large fov setting has no distortion that annoys me. Yeah I know ppl say distortions here and there but with my own adjustments I measured about 170fov and no distortions top and bottom and the sides.

Nothing more needed to be said about 170fov and no distortions.


Since I modded mine with the Vive DAS headphones I’m absolutely loving mine.


Nice! Your post just made me buy a $99 Vive DAS on amazon + $15 adapter for Pimax. Let’s see how this works. I need something since that pimax mas is just BAD.


Yeah, I’m really happy with mine. The resolution and lack of SDE is just so amazing I want to experience all my games again. It elevates the presence to just another level to me. I can slip it on and boom, I’m there. Before I had to work myself into it. I feel like we have finally arrived at what VR always promised. As mentioned elsewhere 75hz feels a lot better on the 8KX than I expected, I think the panel persistence or black frame insertion is just better than the 5K+.

I use my own headphones.

I can’t wait for my rtx 3090 to arrive so I can drive it like it wants to be driven.

Cable is too short as it stands so I’ll be trying to remedy that soon with the solutions the community are finding.


You’ll be super happy you did the mod. It’s easy to do, and won’t ruin the strap for when you get the KDMAS later. I used a thick rubber grommet for mine to fill the gap and it works perfectly.


As you have a vive pro check out #ACCESSORIES:Mods3dprinters as there is also a printable adapter for it.