Who is going to one of the roadshows?

Just booked my tickets for the VR days in Rotterdam. Was thinking about going to it already and Pimax being there with the crystal sealed the deal. (Also thanks to Ryanair for 35 euro return flights ha, cheaper than my fuel cost for commuting to work!)

@PimaxUSA @SweViver Who all from the Pimax team is going? Is it just queue up to try it or do we need to book in advance or such? Looking forward to saying hello and trying the headset! I’ll take a spare pimax t-shirt if you have one going. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know the full dates and locations haven’t been announced yet but so far what I have heard confirmed (thanks to @SweViver) is:

Berlin 19-20 Nov
Dortmund 24 Nov (may be 23+24)
Gouda 27 (may be 26+27)
Rotterdam, VR Days 30 Nov to 2 Dec


I might be going to the Gouda show on 27/11 as I will be visiting friends in Vught and it would hardly be an hour from their place.

I’d hope to have heard a little bit more of the Crystal in the meantime to know if it’s worth the time. I would have hoped for a FoV of around 140° horizontally with a ridiculously high resolution somewhere inbetween the Crystal and 12K (now that the 4090 is a powerhouse - before I would have rather settled at the 8KX/Crystal range with better lenses than the 8KX has). So I don’t really see myself in the market for the Crystal but as ever am curious.


I think even if you’re interested in the 12K first and foremost, then getting to test the Crystal would be a nice experience and give some idea of how the 12K might come together.

I’m assuming the new headset being announced next week is a lower end one but you never know, it might be what you’re hoping for and the price point ends up inbetween the crystal and 12k.

You could get a feel of the build quality of the Crystal, maybe Pimax have improved this time around. (Here’s hoping for the best) I really really hope they have redesigned the hinges, so it’s not a flimsy, but rather sturdy feel when putting in and wearing the HMD


Is there a date for the Florida one?

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Hmm, Berlin hmmm… but I have saturday night an event 250km north… arghhh

Early December.


Do you have the exact dates?

Don’t go there…lol

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Personally, I’ll be going to the VR Days event in Rotterdam so will get to try XTAL, Aero, Crystal, Quest Pro, bHaptics vest, sense glove and whatever else is there along with getting to go to a bunch of interesting talks about XR. I’m doing my masters in computing in XR also so keen to shift from the software dev job I’m doing now to working specifically in an XR (ideally VR) focused company, so good for networking etc ha. So for me I was already considering that event and the crystal being shown at it was the last bit of motivation I needed.


Signup pages are now slowly going live (post will be updated):

I might go to one if Pimax Crystal comes to the UK.

Hehe. You think I might nog make it out there alive? Lol.
By coincidence im in Florida early December. If the dates work out and it’s not too far I might drop by. Like said not interested so much in the headset itself (more so in the 12k) but I do wonder if their new lens design is any good

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