Which one you would go for?

Which headset you would love to get?

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  • Crystal
  • Neither

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Couldn’t honestly say at this point. I wouldn’t be prepared to give a real response until both are thoroughly vetted.

The difference between now and then is the difference between would and will.


of course I want to see a review before. I also expect a certain stable firmware and driver version
my question would be: can it run HLA? (others the flight simulator or the sim racing)
And I need a solution for my glasses. :disguised_face: + :eyeglasses: + :pimax_logo_png: = :pi_thumbsup:
maybe this feedback thread will show the decision makers certain priorities.
who can afford it (minimum system requirements define the minimum budget), what is the unique selling point, (FoV), what else would help to sell such headsets ( usability and quality) what will keep the business going on (good service)
just my 2cents.

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