Which Add-on Modules can be used in parallel?

I’m wondering which of the planned add-on modules can be used at the same time.
To investigate I did create the following spreadsheet:

Note that this only looks at all possible combinations of two different modules.
Potentially you could combine more than two modules at the same time.

Please note that the orange cells are combinations that I assume are not possible:

  1. The hand tracking module and the scent module plug into the lower USB-C port and both modules don’t support daisy chaining.
  2. The cooling fans and the eye tracking module use the upper USB-C port and both modules don’t support daisy chaining.

It would be great if the Pimax team could have a look and edit this spreadsheet so forum members could see all supported combinations.@anon74848233.


This is a great start, im interested to see some comments from pimax. Though honestly i doubt many of these are far into development so they might not even know yet.
As long as hand tracking, eye tracking and wireless work together i will be happy. It will be the ultimate headset with all that.


I can imagine drawing some power from the eye tracker to power the fans should not be hard to do, even as a hack

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Yeah, this should be possible as long as the overall power contrains are met. I wonder if the promised VirtualLink cable can help here. It should be able to provide up to 27 Watts of power. Hope this is enough to power the headset including the add-on modules.

Yes, but for how long?

I play Elite Dangerous in multi-hour sessions. As much as I want wireless, the battery life needs to be at least 3-5 hours and it should recharge fairly quickly. Swappable battery packs would alleviate the problem somewhat, but I’d rather have a larger battery pack that meets my needs.

ED is a seated experience, no need for wireless?

but the limit might be the usb in itself
if its just 2 x usb 2.0 and comply s to the standard the it’s just 2 x 500mA and if 2 devices sharing one port then they have to share 500mA
in the case of something like the fan’s then it might be a option to attach a small power bank to the rigid head strap and power the fans this way

Granted, wireless is even more important for a room-scale experience, but less cables is a good thing.

I have a wireless audio/mic headset, which I find liberating. Unfortunately, I am currently tied to the PC anyway, by the cable to my EDTracker. I know there is a wireless version, but I bought mine a few years ago (before the wireless model existed) and it makes no sense to replace it, when I won’t be using it much longer.

I’ll be buying the wireless adapter, assuming it has a long battery life.

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AFAIK its USB 3.0 with 900 mA x 5 V = 4,5 W per port.
The external PSU has 2 A x 12 V = 24 W.
This gives 15 W for running the HMD.

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as i know from my tpcast that might depend on where you want the battery to be and how much wight you want there
the default with the tpcast is the belt and 20.000mA is ok and even more is possible, fixing it sideways on the belt or pocketing it gets rid of the swinging mass

i mounted mine on the backside of the DAS (all together just one unit to pick up), also as counter wight to the front heave vive but the big 20.000mA battery adds a good amount of weight and gives some inertia, but its possible to have a 10.000mA with slightly mechanical mods but this means also shorter battery life like 4h → 2h

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