Wheres all the OMG posts?

Once you get everything working smoothly the omg moments will come naturally… the first time I played Beat Saber on my Pimax after getting all the settings worked out I’m pretty sure I commented about how insanely good it is out loud at least 10+ times to my friend I was playing with.

Not to mention that moment when you put your old headset on (in my case, original vive) and realize that you’re probably never going to use that piece of shit again :rofl:


Because I’m using the hmd as monitor replacement and I only play grand strategy games if anything at all, there’s no OMG moment for me. Also my previous hmd was the 4K which performed well.

Optimising comfort, getting glasses to fit and modding the hmd for visual focus takes it sweet time, not to speak of a audio and cable issues.

After going through all of that I’m happy with the 5K+ and the increased FOV is really useful although for my needs anything larger than the small FOV setting is superfluous.

Verdict: Great

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I’m even beginning to doubt the 4K is much better. With supersampling I find the 5K+ to present very good quality, probably again the pixel type.

So my judgement is absolutely OMG, but I have a screen tear issue so I’m not super happy


No ghosting and the wider FOV is quite refreshing, also the 5K+ drifts much less :smile:.
Unfortunately I can’t compare clarity because my 4K is no more, but I believe the 5K+ has the upper hand by a small margin.

Hope you can get the tearing under control.


:wink::wink::wink:As you see new 8K arrived at Shanghai and already started Sanity test.

We are shipping 8K headset again,you won’t wait for so long for OMG


Why not join this activity to share your OMG experience? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:



OMG still waiting for delivery but wanted to feel the good vibe of the OMG thread.
Looks like more 8ks are being delivered as we speak


I didn’t OMG because out of the box it didn’t blow me away. It’s a creeper, finding the right settings game by game, the incremental software improvements in much the same way the rift got better and better when I first got it.

I do have to RMA for a hardware fault though, so I’m back to the rift for a little while :frowning:


I haven’t had an OMG moment, but I did have a Wow! moment.

That was after I was in Elite Dangerous for a few minutes and decided to get up out of my chair and walk around the cabin. It was much more detailed than I expected. No lie: I found myself staring at the chipped paint on the back of the pilot seat. I had no idea how much effort the developers put into something most people can’t even see. Impressive.


I received my 8k yesterday, I didn’t have time to do much tweaking but so far it’s a big disappointment.
Is there a guide somewhere on what would be the best settings for a 1080Ti?

Version 103.
I7 87k 1080ti 32ram.
5k+ normal fov. 64hz. Change the steam VR max resolution to 8192
Pitoll. 1.5. Steamvr ss. Anywhere between 30 and 60
In game hi to ultra settings with in game ss max out.

Smart smoothing and kicks in @32 frames per second
Fpsvr. Once I achieve highest settings and smooth 32 frames per second everything is butter and amazing no jagging’s

Aero fly 2. High and ultra. 1.4 in game ss. With above setting.

Project cars 2. Finally have this looking good and smooth.
Ultra car detail ultra track detail high environment ultra particle
Turned off the useless stuff for me Lens heat waves all that stuff and I also shut my mirrors off for a few extra frames per second
In game ss max 2.0 sreamvr ss 40. To 48.

I’m using the normal or wide on 64 Hz with great success on jacking up in game settings to max levels and super sampling on steam VR Set at least 4000 over 3000 Thank you smart smoothing and the 64
74. Hrz.

I’m working on other games to use the same formula 64hrz. Normal or wide. Fov. Max out all the important settings and in game super sampling too. pitool @ 1.5. Steamvr is brought down at the last calculation to get it to smooth 32 frames per second.

Hope this helps.


Thanks but I am not sure that what works for the 5k will for the 8k.

You have to tweak to make it shine.
What works good overal with my 1080ti: In steamvr-video- manual overide- choos 40-60%
Pitool leave it at 1
App ss in steamvr 200%
For example Skyrim and Aerofly fs2 look stunning with this.


Have you done this?


If you are using large FOV with parallel Projections on you need this to prevent it from being blurry.

You also need to do this if your steam SS resolution is over 4,000 pixels.

If you don’t, the steamVR will ignore the resolution in the SS settings and just use 4000x4000

My file keeps getting overriden randomly. So I keep having to do this every once in a while. I’m still not sure if it is steamVR updating or Pitool that does it.

Others say they haven’t needed to keep doing it.

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The thing is that I don’t launch game from steam, if I do, I have the wobble effect Sebastian was talking about, so I launch them from PiTool.

Another problem is brightness, it’s too low even using the “high” setting.
And most of all, visual discomfort, it’s like the focal distance is different than the one in the Rift, Vive, Go…
But on this part I would need to do more experiment with the IPD and perhaps get a thicker face cushion.

Ok this is weird, I had done it, I went to check if it was still 8192 right now and it’s not, back to 4096.

i wonder even if you launch from pitool, wouldn’t the steamsettings be applied the same way? Or does it completly bypass steam?
I was also a bit dissapointed with the brightness, but when playing i forget about it, or tweak gamma settings. The blacks on the other hand was a nice suprise for an lcd display.
With ipd i just kept ajusting till it felt most relaxed for my eyes. With the facepad and position it turns out to be very precise. It must be the one distortionprofile over such big lenses. I hope it will improve with eyetracking, for now the fishbowl efect is distracting for me on the edges. I tried a thicker facepad but then there is the problem of the overlap of the lenses and there was another distortion in the middle of the screen
So i’m not there yet either

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I changed. To 8192. Last week and is still in place.
Def looking better.
64hrz. Normal. Or wide. PiTools @1.5 now. Tried on 1. And 1.25. But.
1.5 is kicking. Good.

1080 ti. I have been setting high and ultra in game settings with. In game. SSample Pushing as high as I can sometimes maxed out.
Fpsvr. As long as I’m at 32 FPS it’s smooth as Butter.
Steamvr ss. Range from 40 to 60. Or as high as fpsvr will get to 32.fps.

Right now I push the graphics in game settings too high and ultra and then start backing down super sampling from steam VR
Having great results with in game ss max or very high.

Are you guys using SteamVR beta?

I noticed that when I launch a game from PiTool, it automatically closes SteamVR.