Wheres all the OMG posts?

I have changed my 1080P monitor to 4K DSR resolution. Virtual Desktop does not run correctly. The virtual screen is blacked out with only the environment showing. BigScreen does run properly, but I can’t see any improvement. I don’t think setting Windows display to 4K can increase clarity of Pimax headset, as the virtual screen in either VD or BigScreen barely use 1080P within 2K display area of each eye. Correct me if I am wrong, and I really wish I were wrong. :slight_smile: @Wildcopper

Virtual Desktop runs just fine here with 4K DSR activated. There’s something fishy in your configuration.

Core I7 9700k
Geforce GTX 980Ti

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It works with BigScreen which is the same as Virtual Desktop. The point is it does not seem to make much sense to set it to 4K other than slowing down the whole system.

For 3D movies, it definitely is worth it. But I don’t feel like arguing for ages about this, it’s simple fact that if you capture the two full 1080p frames to send them to the headset, you get a better results, and the result is obvious.
Or are you trying to say that sending 960x1080 per eye is better than full 1920x1080 ?

Your setup is bugged anyway if you can’t manage to make Virtual Desktop work with 4K DSR.

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Had a friend in with his sister from Germany. He had tried a brief stint with the Rift some time back. He spent four hours playing Robo Recall in my 5K. I believe the expression was “OMG the wife is going to kill me but I have to get one of these”.


Why don’t you share all these fantastic OMG experience with more VR enthusiasts?(This is an shameless advertisement)



Looking forward to getting my 2 head sets to try so i can do a review
been waiting so long end must soon be in sight :slight_smile:

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The only feeling I have had since receiving the PiMax is regret. I knew PiMax’s reputation for a rubbish product and I ignored it due to all the hyper around the initial showings and how positive they were. Now I have a headset that I can’t use, that makes me ill very rapidly, and zero responses to the issues that cause it. There is a reason there isn’t much OMG this is amazing going on and its because a lot of people have significant issues with their headsets.


The issues, when personal, are unfortunate but your kickstarter price is fortunate. Just sell with included stretch goal promises and there is no real loss but time here.
I’m not trying to be harsh, it’s what everyone should do if the product is not to their liking


Their is however a difference between not liking a product and having one that doesn’t function correctly.


That’s exactly why I said:

And his issues seem personal to him (and others, because lots of people don’t have these issues themselves)


And? If they have issues with a product not working correctly that doesn’t mean an issue doesn’t exist with their unit.


Well depends on how you look at it, I meant if the device works as intended but isn’t suitable for person A then sell it and maybe it gets bought by a person B that has no issues with it.


But you entire argument hinges on all of the people complaining to have a headset that won’t work for them and is functional. Which given how silent pimax has been it seems to remain up in the air.


Yes it was directed at mr BrightCandle where I believed his issue to be a personal mismatch with the device. Pimax is a company that isn’t going to spend all the development time and effort like HTC or Facebook (can) put in. Backing a kickstarter is not going to give you a guaranteed polished device. Ergo; Too bad, thing didn’t match. Go sell it and hope for a brighter future

I bought a knife and it cut my finger. I wanted to return the knife as it cut me and must be dysfunctional but the girl on the on till where I bought it from thought I was bonkers and not because I was dressed as Deadpool.


My first impression was taking it out of the box, Mmm this feels cheap, second was when I put it on, OMG I can see the SDE. and, I cant get the IPD low enough. still like the HMD though. just not what I was expecting.

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When I started this thread it was a simple OMG at my first experience the PIMAX headset had given me, and really was wondering if that feeling I got was just a personal one, or the other OMG’s were hidden amongst all the negative posts.

After some time it would appear there are others who got that same OMG moment, as well as plenty others who didnt or are still searching/waiting for their own OMG.

I really do understand some of the frustration people are having here, as I am currently going through my own issues with PIMAX, which have hopefully been resolved…(Pre ordered 5K BE oled, with website promise of shipping by 27th Feb) trying to cancel for refund on that order for nearly a month, only because I dont need it anymore, as I managed to purchase an unwanted 8k from backer on ebay.

Ive had the setting up issues, the detecting headset problems, the cracking case issue…the pain in the nose…but even after all the issues, I still keep getting the OMG feeling everytime this headset goes on…Maybe thats just me?..Ive really been searching for the whole VR experience, even during normal gaming/sim use on 2D monitors theres an element of escapism, you just will never get.

Ok the screens on VR still do not compare with the quality of normal monitors, but this 8k doesnt feel too far off for my liking. The whole feeling of VR is there and is not ruined for me, by just looking at a screen through binoculars anymore, the FOV is truly incredible (OMG).

I was going to just keep the 5k BE for the true blacks everyone seems to rave about, but the 8k for me is completly acceptable in colours, brightness etc.

Im really loving the whole VR experience again, and thats all because of PIMAX 8K


I have a love/hate relationship with my 8K.

When it’s working properly, I love the immersion I get in Elite Dangerous. However, it often takes me 10-15 minutes to get it working at the start of a play session. I’ve had cable issues, but I should be getting a replacement soon.

My main aggravation is trying to get lighthouse tracking initiated. This can take 5 minutes or more.

However, a worse problem has recently started: The headset screens are black and stay black, no matter what I do (killing and starting the pi services does NOT fix it). Even rebooting my PC is hit or miss, but will eventually convince the headset to function, but I often have to reboot more than once. Also, sometimes the screens aren’t black, but have multicolored horizontal stripes or are 2 different shades of light gray (but otherwise the situation is identical). The on-screen mirror window shows the game and reacts to headset motion, even though the headset screens don’t show it.


I think and hope that is just a bad cable issue.