Where i can buy a pimax 4K vr body

I jest buy a vr from pimax and they send me one with a broken body so id like to know how to fix the lose bolt at the pic and where i can simpelly purchase a newgood body or send my vr to china for sepair

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No idea where you can buy this but if you bought it on gearbest, they have a 7 day “dead on arrival” warranty : https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html#item3

Looks like an returned unit that’s been dropped onto an hard surface.

Weigh your options, you could return it for another and risk having particles inside the lenses.

Its almost 2 weeks now and i but it from lazada not gear best becouse im at indonesia

I had this issue and I removed the “PIMAX” badge on the strap as the bolt can be tightened from outside with a screwdriver on the 4K I own.

@Satrio Hi, sorry for inconvenience. How is it going?

Please firstly let me know the first nine number of the series number of the label on the headset.

Please also take more photos about the point of this issue, I will show them to our product manager and maintenance engineers, thanks.

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Heh. I have broken screened BE model. Is that compatible?

Hi, how is it going?

Has the vendor replied you about this case?

No,i got no solutions yet for my vr