Where are the nonsensical controller version with analogue buttons and a normal tracking ring like index htc or oculus has?

@PimaxUSA said a few months ago in this interview that the new controllers would be shown at Gamescom and the controller design changed completely to look nothing like it did at CES, but we haven’t seen or heard about this new design even in the september announcement video. What happened to this?

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They sad march 2020 if you Watch pimax day video.

Thats potential release. He is talking about demoing new design.

Mar is Nonsense & june projected for sense.

What do you mean by “normal tracking ring like index htc or oculus has”? Valve Index “ring” is a large crescent on the side, Vive wand has no tracking ring, Oculus Rift S and Quest have a circular ring on top, old Oculus Rift has circular ring on bottom. I don’t think they’ve ever talked about changing the tracking ring, though I may have missed something since I don’t follow the forum here constantly, I just heard that the entire controller was still being designed and worked on. I think the fact that they haven’t had anything to show is one of the big reasons for the March delay, that they haven’t had anything worth showing.