Where are the links for pitool? not working

The links for the Pitools aren’t working at the moment.

Where are the working link?

Pitool\Release Notes category

Type it in to the search on this forum and you should find a topic with links within it.

None of those link appear to be working for me.


Which headset did you receive?

Okay on it will report and post a new link standby

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I have the 5k XR. current Pitool is .180

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Temp link for 245


There looking into it.

This works thanks man.

Is there any major changes that will benefit the XR from the .180

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I’m not sure. There is a newer 249 but that was to correct a compatibility issue with 5k+ serial 204

I don’t see anything specific to 5kXR but here are the noted from 249


Updated title and added bling


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