When will the NDA be lifted?

@deletedpimaxrep1 Not to read too much into this but I and I assume many others would like to know when the beta test NDA will be lifted please? (some sort of timescale in relation to getting results in from testers). In the initial post you said Pimax would start shipping to backers IN JUNE if given the greenlight by testers. But you would work with testers to fix any problems that occurred.

Now that we have some more info and some testers are yet to receive their units I am wondering at what stage Pimax will lift the NDA considering we are almost half way through the month they initially said they would start to ship to backers (if all things went well). It’s obvious there is some delay here but just out of interest when will the NDA lift. Is it wise to even lift it at all until they are 100%? I would also like to know when others feel it would be a good time (if ever) to lift the NDA if we put aside our excitement for a moment.


Ship in June :rofl:. I think we should know by now the translation of Pimax saying ‘we will ship in x’ is ‘we will not ship in x, or y or z’ but the next update will say ‘we will ship in y’. We’ve been around this track enough times.

At least something we can rely on as really happening is the M1s have been sent to testers and some have begun testing. That’s the most reliable information we’ve been given in a while. The calming effect of real information hasn’t waned for me yet, and I’m glad there’s some real progress.

I’d enjoy being told when the NDA will be lifted, if I could put any weight in it. Pimax are probably best to keep their mouths shut than tell us another deadline they won’t meet. After all, they’re shipping June :rofl::joy::unamused:

When will then be now?

Pimax’s confidence is usually misplaced & after all testers have given their impressions, Pimax will likely never lift the NDA if the negatives outweigh the positives.


I dunno about Pimax but I could only assume the bungling of PR continues.

Here’s what I would have done.

  1. Waited for all testers to get their HMD’s They bungled this
  2. Pimax themselves announce all the beta testers together on their channel, make it a Pimax event, not a random youtuber thing. Yup they bungled this as well.
  3. Allow for proper testing. Here’s hoping
  4. Once testing is done to satisfaction, and the testers say it’s ok to ship, tell the testers they get a month to prepare their public reviews…

As this month progress production of the first backer units finish and with a bit of luck, public unbiased reviews, of the 8k will hit as the first backers get their units.

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I would assume that if the M1 is considered shippable, the NDA will be lifted when that decision is made. If it needs more work, then the NDA will never be lifted, because what would be the point of spreading the news all over the internet about problems that won’t exist in the final device? That’s the reason for the NDA in the first place.

Now! We’re at now now.

Now you’re not. Now is now.

That is what he said

Its a space balls reference guys

It’s a tough one. Personally though look at how good this is for a company.

  1. They risk being slated by sending it to backers.
  2. They think it’s ok but…maybe…backers don’t. That shows a company that thinks outside it’s own walls.
  3. They “must” want it to be great otherwise why else take these risks. They have your money already. They could flop and you would not have any say.

It is not often you get a company that “listens” to its user base either. HTC? No way would I buy one of their products because of how they treat their customers when something goes wrong. MRTV highlighted the severity of that.

So in doing this, Pimax acknowledge that what they thought was “good enough” was maybe not good enough. They then work at fixing the most severe of issues and with luck, skill and lots of cash they might just manage to solve the main issues rather than just shipping it as is.

That to me says they are a company for their users. It gets my respect because they are open. I hope they keep that respect and in return I will be their customer and put my cash into their coffers.

So yeah, discuss the issues openly (after NDA!), discuss the proposed fixes and you never know, a random user out in the wild may have an incredible solution that you never thought of.

It is how you create a community, a following of loyal customers that want to help if they can. For the good of VR I like it.

Just my 2p :smiley: