When will PIMAX 8K be available on ebay to buy?

Now they have started production and sending a few units out…with thousands on order via backers…my question is.

When can an ordinary guy like me who is not a backer be able to purchase a PIMAX 8k from a site like ebay?


once everyone gets their headsets and decide they either 1) dont’ want them anymore 2) a newer better headset is out 3) ebay invests in thousands of headsets. time wise by the middle of next year at least. i’m sure others can provide better answers for you :3

Don’t think it will ever “officialy” come to Ebay. Ebay are just filled with a bunch of resellers.
Pimax are talking with Amazon though. And Gearbest was one of their partners back with the 4K (I myself bought it from Gearbest). The 4K is being sold by Alternate even nowadays (that’s a European electronics retailer).

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