When the shipments begin.... Will pimax do it like he said? Respecting sponsor number?

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According to Pimax the date of shipment of its first batch of about 200 units.
The question is whether Pimax will respect the number of those first 200 sponsors regardless of the country they come from.
It was spoken at the beginning of the campaign…

And Pimax commented that what would clarify.

I think it’s a good time for you to answer what your shipping plans are going to be.

What if they’re finally going to use European warehouses to ship their units?
Thank you

With the Berlin event being positive and 5K+ already built and also the talk about starting delivery at the end of September, I think they are already well on their way with production and might even have hundreds, if not in the thousand, devices ready for shipping. At least I find that plausible


They will respect all sponsor numbers except yours.

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