When is eye tracking shipping?

I checked the Kickstarter update but eye tracking wasn’t really mentioned specifically. Supposedly they should of started shipping to backers on the 15th of December. Obviously that’s not the case, since it’s no longer free and we haven’t paid for it yet. Any chance we could get an update on this? @Matthew.Xu


As it was said on the PiMax Days: It will be developed by an supplier and not by PiMax itself. So, the sheduling might be different? A timeshedule for ordering would be nice, after that PiMax will have the amount of orders, which will give more options for the production. @Matthew.Xu

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Just adding a question in this thread: I have a bunch of coupons now and would like to use them all towards eye tracking:

  1. I have the eye tracking discount coupon
  2. I have a $100 coupon because price was lowered after I already used upgrade plan
  3. I also have $70 coupon because no longer need 10m cable.

I want to use these all for eye tracker later, please tell me this is possible. Thank you!

Last posted update on Eyetracking was Beta testing will start in nearish future.

Full release TBA.