When can we expect an update on estimated shipping date for 8KX?

So the current shipping date is estimated to be March/April. I don’t know how far along Pimax is in their production and how long the delay from coronavirus will be. I’m a new customer who purchased the 8K X from Pimax’s website on Nov 21st 2019.

My parents are planning a vacation sometime in May/June and I’m hoping we can eventually get an update on estimated shipping date, so that I can make sure I won’t be away on vacation when the 8K X package arrives at my door step.



I fear with the Corona virus spreading there is a greater uncertainty with any planning one tries to set up currently. It‘s not only Pimax own operations but of course that of all of the suppliers of components which has to be taken into account.

As unpopular as it may seem I think at this time you can only try to relax and expect a substantial delay, no ETA being offered.

I personally had not expected this virus to have such a lasting impact on the Chinese society and production landscape. At this stage I don‘t feel one can any longer safely predict the development over the next weeks.



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Yes… I too would like to know an approximation

  • and yes, im fully cognisant and understanding of the coronavirus complications.

Hell, id even be willing to upgrade my order at this point (were it possible, is it? iunno.)
As now i have additional funds. (having been a while)
IF only they had a counter… (now on order ____ ) or something.

Bump. I’d also appreciate mentioning a month at least.

Wow you guys are optimistic.

I’m an X backer I’m not even that optimistic.

+1 interested to know what the current situation is. For other items from China, they suggest manufacturing is running at around 70%, but that was like 2 weeks ago.

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An update on the 8KX production would be great when possible.


So would an update on the stretched goals, would be nice.

I don’t even have the game codes that I don’t care about.

Now would be an extremely awesome point in time for being able to deliver the 8k-X. As long as the preorder time for a Valve Index is still two months and particularly the HP Reverb G2 isn’t on the market yet. The specs still remain to be seen. But if this will offer Index-like FoV, headphones and build quality plus inside-out and Lighthouse tracking and a ppd comparable to the 8k-X at a price close to the Index then this would be quite the competition for the 8k-X.

(Valve is apparently underpromising and overdelivering: Ordered Index controllers when Alyx was released and got them today - the initial confirmation mail still mentioned 7-9 weeks.)


@Joeblackof @Possyguset

Don’t worry, they are now going to provide weekly updates, right ? So we should learn more tomorrow, as the last update came in on 8 April.

But the 8KX was already covered to some degree, they need to go through their initial production run etc. so it will still take 1-2 months in the best case. And how often has the best case scenario worked out so far… so just hope for a delivery perhaps in summer, if things actually go well (and they are still around).


Thank you. I certainly hope they are still around. Competition is always a good thing and pimax are pushing the boundaries that others will follow and improve. I’m sure yours is a realistic time scale but I’m hoping we will be pleasantly surprised.

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