Whats with the Chosen 8 Drama?


Can we please stop bitching on Sweviver, just because he is a chosen tester.

SV is unlucky because he is known as M1 Unit tester before anyone else.

SV is just another guy.

Can you imagine how he feels with so many of you calling him ‘The happy reviewer’ ?

Or ‘Puppy reviewer’?

Please remember SV is just another guy.

SV is doing more than most of you in regards to VR reviews and news.

Have some thought before you post and try to temper your attitude and persecution before posting.

Its such basic net etiquette.


There are always people who will dislike “happy” people who enjoy what they do. I see no reason to invalidate someone’s contribution because they are happy. I certainly see no reason, when someone says they will test thoroughly and speak honestly to where we are at with this hmd, to continue to denigrate that person and question their intentions. I will take SV at his word and judge his assessment based on his report. For anyone else who cannot offer a fellow VR enthusiast and investor that courtesy, well, I am sad for you and your offspring and can only suggest you need to grow as a person.


@SweViver I’m happy for you man and wish you good luck.
But remember I’m not sure are you lucky because of it or not. This is great but not just fun it is great responsibility too. That is why I wish you good luck, you will need it. :wink: