Whats up with the preorders?

Like many others, I received an email concerning the confirmation of my address for shipping (5k+) but since then there is silence.
So my question is, when can I expect my headset to arrive in Germany (order No: P131X)?
@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR


Just a status report would be nice.

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I join the question P122X Poland

The same situation for me.
I edited the adress informations and since monday nothing…
I’m preorder number P121X.
Please give me a tracking number :pray:t2:

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I also edited my address. No confirmation or tracking. P121X.


Preorder P#103X at today no news from Pimax. :thinking:


Mm I was asked to edit my address too, strange lots of people need to edit their address?
I can’t even login to do so - so stuck.
My address was entered correctly but their system added the region/county to the end of the Town name.

No reponse since Monday in SUpport, or in forum post, or to preorder@ email address.

I pre-ordered in good faith on the basis of the statement at the site :…Order Now will Ship before 21st Feb!

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P121xxx ordered 30th October. No update at all, including no email to confirm shipping address. On my Pimax order page everything looks correct, but I have no idea if it’s true!

Is it possible to set up a tracking and status sheet for all pre-orders please? @anon74848233 @PimaxUSA @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR ?

Then you will get slightly less pings and questions from everyone :wink:


Though I like the idea of a spreadsheet for the guys on the forum that doesn’t cut it.

You can’t expect customers to check a spreadsheet on a forum.

We gave them our email when ordering, so like any other company selling stuff online they need to keep us updated via email.

Oh, and sending the track & trace information AFTER people have received the headsets probably doesn’t look too good either… :smiley:

Pimax, if You want to be taken serious, start acting accordingly.

EDIT: And another thing. When You ask Your customers to edit their shipping information, You should probably let them know once it’s “OK” instead of leaving them hanging in some kind of limbo state… :wink: Just some friendly advice… And it’s completely free… :slight_smile:

EDIT2: If You NEED a phone number when ordering, make the field in the form required… Another freebie… :wink:


Oh yeah I agree, it shouldn’t be necessary. And I’d imagine a significant number of customers will not be checking this forum, and just expecting it to work smoothly, so I feel extra sorry for them :slight_smile: But right now, some centralised method for the team to keep us informed would be something.

I got an update from Feedback after six weeks, and the response was meaningless - so I’m not sure what’s worse, no communication at all, or eventual communication that serves no useful purpose… :wink:

So as we are enthusiasts on this site, happy to help the team in any way possible for our collective mutual benefit…

Help me to help you…

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Still nothing. I think they really try to dodge that question at all costs. I cant belive that there are so many other request that you cant answer such a topic.
Please anwer. @anon84525399 @PimaxUSA

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It seems to me that they got so many e-mails with questions that they are not able to write back to them. I am waiting impatiently for my P122X preorder every day listening to the excitement of my friend who over a week ago picked up his preorder P1203.

Preorder P120X (october 27th), and no communication from pimax about my order until now… (no shipping address update request and of course no tracking number).
I have a support ticket that has been ignored for weeks, and even my latest emails sent to preorder@pimaxvr.com and my private message directed at @anon84525399 and @PimaxUSA have been ignored until now.

I have been reluctant to come to this but I’m seriously considering opening a paypal dispute next monday if I’m still in this situation with zero visibility upon a delivery date.

I don’t have any visibility into individual pre-orders but a lot of 5K+ pre-orders are indeed going out. Where are you located?


funny, I asked Pimax to not ship my preorder until they sort out their quality issue but I’m getting mine in a couple of days. Crossing finger that I will get a decent build.

We were ordering the same day I am P122X - how long is it time to start a dispute with PayPal after purchase?

I’m P1226XX from France, no news no date when it will be ship…
Already saw some people preorder after me and already received it mainly us people but even early french pre order still don’t have their headset
I really hope next batch will be for french and european


Do you know how many are heading to the US?

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I’m located in France (near Paris).