What's the deal with horizontal lines on the 8k?

I just got my replacement 8k today. The horizontal line issue is much less apparent on it, but it’s still an issue. It’s also on the left screen, like the other one I had. What’s the deal with these lines? Are the screens getting scan lines from overclocking? We know that they overclocked the 8k screens to reach 80hz, so it’s possible. Or, is this an issue with something else in the headset? Something needs to be done about this in the long run, before people start to get annoyed. This isn’t something that should just be ignored, since it seems to be a reoccurring problem.

Possible causes

Power Issues: They are more apparent on white backgrounds. Perhaps this is a power issue, as white backgrounds are bright.

Electrical Interference: The lines seem to appear on the left screen for the majority of headsets with this issue. Although, it can happen on the right screen too. Somebody else hypothesized it might be a cable issue, since the cable runs into the left side of the headset.


Try using a powered USB hub for the USB cable.

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This does not only affect 8K, I have this too with my 5K+ (left eye also).

Right eye image is so much better than left eye.

Left eye is like half vertical resolution as soon as I move my head (= every other line is black).