What's needed for DFR with eye tracking? Pitool, other drivers?

Now that the eye tracking hardware is shipping, I’d like to understand how to get DFR working on my existing headset (5k+).

Do we need additional drivers? Pitool support? Specific nVidia drivers?
How does this look like from a software point of view?

Maybe @SweViver can share his experiences?



You need an RTX graphics card.


That much is clear and I have that.

What I’d like to know is whether I can just enjoy DFR the same day my eye tracking HW shows up in the mail.

I like to know too. I think there is an option to switch DFR on in Nvidia settings?

No, it’ll be in pitool.

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my question is, how does the eye tracking even connect? unlike the 8kx 5k+ has all f its originally planned usb ports

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