What the heck is this new 5KOLED kickstarter HMD?

i don’t know, this could be on the next episode of “KickScammers”

I was actually going to say I think cybershoes are better.

I have the cybershoes and they work great for certain games.

Asgards Wrath is great with them. Works well in fights.

Honestly Nathie’s review of the Kat Walk Mini killed it for me. His walking looked like he had a ball and chain tied to his waist and was pulling it.

Then the noise of the footsteps , I could not handle that.

I mean in no mans sky , i can walk around and fly the ship seamlessly. With the Kat walk you would have to unbuckle yourself to go sit down.

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has he made progress on that? where’s the thread again?

Thanks for the link. Backed it! This is not VR. I use an oculus Go for watching movies atm. Blacks are terrible and it is too bulky. SDE is bad. This could be great for watching movies. It is in no way competing with Pimax though.

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Glad i could help :smirk:

not sure what “movies” you are watching in VR anyway. :innocent:

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from their FAQ


interesting. pair that with a vive tracker or Driver4VR with a kinect and etee controllers and you could use it for vr.

for 3dof it might be good enough for sims

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Just check @MarcoBalletta profile activity. He recently bumped his thread.

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I would look into Dreamglass tbh. It has 90° FoV vs 66 and is cheaper

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I wonder if this has the same panels as the OG Pimax 4K BE serial number 102…? It had OLED 2560 X 1400 panels

No as these are micro oleds.

B1 had Samsung 2560×1440 oled phone screen at 60hz


Just a Smartphone screen…

Ooups :flushed: wow


I posted on their FB Group if it was compatible with SteamVR, I doubt it but I really wanted to know if Whirligig or other 180/360 movie apps would be compatible

In the ops link. :wink:

Check this out backer 242 just grabbed base model


The plus sounds better. But my pocket is a bit shy…


So much better for movies when a 4K Smartwatch. ^^

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I’ll admit I already backed this myself. It sounds like it’ll be really good for watching films, and being able to do that on battery sounds promising.

They were successful with their last headset too, although that one seems too impractical for me. I’ll take a look at this Dream Glass thing though

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yeah it looks better, but some of the obvious marketing images are either silly (lol why are they not using a tv)

i wonder how transparent the image would be

some of the pictures.where a dude is out in a park in a sunny day looking at a tv in the sky seem unlikely.

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I was very interested in it.

However, looking at the spec sheet, I have some questions. For example, although it’s stated to be 4K, the resolution is 3840 x 1080 for both eyes combined, and it’s not a very high resolution. Since it is. The panel resolution is estimated to be 1980 x 1080. Favourably, it’s 2k.

I saw more clarity on the CineraEdge in terms of specs.

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yeah but did you see that ppd? The dream glass i’m.talking about.

Well remember the Xbox Kinect happy family promos? Or creepy kid Milo? :laughing:

There is a dark panel attachment. Hard to say if out doors might be an issue or not. Of course these are jist promo stills. There original project was Dreamglass Air. The Dreamglass 4k and plus are follow up new project.

I backed it as I think this will be great for some applications as a standalone viewer to watch movies or even using with Steamlink ap for gaming.

With shows like was it one of the vlcsi shows? That had the see through display could still be good. Only time will tell. But early reports on the Dreamglass Air was promising.

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