What the f....,My post got deleted on reddit official pimax forum and i am blocked for 72 hour

What the f…,my post got deleted on reddit pimax forum and i am blocked for 72 hour… what a bullsh… to threat your customers this way!!

I only said that :why we need to do a cutout in our 1300 device and its better that they do this before sending them out…

And also that i didnt get any response from the support i did ask them the same questions… Man what a company pimax is…Sorry unbelievable…

I dont know who is deleting or screening the messages on that (official)pimax forum,but he needs a lesson how to threat their customers or get a another job sorry…

This way you hurt any confidence left in Pimax…


I never saw the original post, so I’m not sure of the context, but if the moderator in question truly was in the wrong then you do have options. There are two Pimax subreddits. One is run by fans, one isn’t. For whichever one deleted your post, you can simply use the other.


its /r/pimax_official where stuff gets censored, /r/pimax you are pretty free to post as long as you don’t get personal


yea its unbelievable…


Pimax_official was created to push the narrative that everything is great with Pimax and nothing is wrong. They want new users on reddit who search for Pimax to find the official sub and think that there are no issues with Pimax.


I love how You just state it all as facts… :grin:

If they want new users on Reddit to think there’s nothing wrong with Pimax I think posting a guide on how to cut a hole in Your unit to fit an official accessory might not have been the best move… :thinking::nerd_face:


This was the post:

I don’t see anything wrong with it, but of course it doesn’t follow the kind of narrative that there are no issues with the headset. That’s of course the whole reason that new ‘official’ reddit was created, push a certain narrative.


But what’s the purpose of it?

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There is a post on the original Pimax subreddit recently made that is talking about the heavy handed censorship going on on the new “official” Pimax subreddit. I wont link it for fear of getting repercussions here by certain individuals but its up on the main page.

Needless to say this type of behavior does nothing but further cement peoples already negative opinion on Pimax as a whole…


Not sure why that was removed as they have posted a guide stating you need to cut out a piece on the pimax headset.


John, I think you broke rule 5 and probably 2

They don’t want people relitigating issues that have already been discussed before like on this forum.

Here’s how I would have worded your thread:

“When will Pimax release a face cowling for the eye tracking with the plastic piece already cut out for us?”

This is asking Pimax a productive question. You already know the answer is Yes to the cutting part. But transform your complaints into requests for action instead.


I dunno tbh. I find it disappointing that all the pimax headsets were released without the magnetic mount that was advertised in the KS for attaching vr frames and Eyetracking.

Now I will say I had thought the cable might have ran through the foam on the side maybe for eyeglasses or simply remove the foam and place it between the mask and foam.

If the person has broken a rule it is proper to warn the person. John has not imho spammed or performed “repeated excessive complaining”. Nor does it mention if an issue has been brought up here it cannot be discussed there.


The official reddit is for beginners and those who want to discuss solutions or provide solutions. Just keep it polite and easy going. It’s also a backup so users can see announcements and important links when there are connectivity issues with this forum or issues with browsers that cannot view the posts. (as has occurred a number of times)

His post itself was “How can you morons stay in business like this?” and that he has a ticket that Pimax corporate didn’t respond to asking why we are so stupid as to not manufacture the cowling with the hole.

He had a lot of productive options:

He already knew the hole had to be added manually. He had already posted this in multiple places.

  1. He could have PM’ed me with his ticket # and I would have flagged it.
  2. He could have as dmel mentioned and simply said “How do you obtain a cowling prefitted with the pass-through hole?” or anything along those lines. (I would have then asked him to post it inside the existing two threads on the subject)

Instead he was hostile and belligerent - which is against rule #2 and rule #5 did not ask the question in the lounge and had previously stated the same post on openmr etc…

We also had a thread with exactly the same specific request here for days: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax_Official/comments/hweqoc/request_future_comfort_kit_version_which_doesnt/
**OR he could have posted in the guide section here: **


Must be 2 deleted removed comments then. The removed post doesn’t have those words.

The mod might be using a translator and misunderstood the post.


When you’re paid by the team you already chose to back it’s easy to lose focus on objectivity. I’ll censor myself from here on out to save you the trouble :wink:

Sanity appreciated, thank you. As you say, the official reddit is intended to be a ‘howto’ place. By contrast, as you describe it, knowingly repeating hostile language exactly fits the kind of nuisance that isn’t helping anyone.

That said, while such cutouts and such are not too unusual (I have had to do some such things on Lenovo laptops), and I care more about the hand than eye tracker, I do hope in the future the cutout will be included by default. User friendliness is paramount, and that means keeping installation steps (or even the number of separate products to choose from) to a minimum.


Yes the guides and such should have been on the Pimax Support forum as it was advertised to be utilized for. And to help resolve tickets.

It seems there having too many difficulties getting Odoo setup and should maybe if they haven’t pay for Odoo support to get things ironed out.

Planned cutouts or breakouts are usually part of the design. It is too bad the magnetic mount was missed in the headsets releases. Hopefully these mounts will be improved and pre installed on Headsets; as it has already been reported the magnets seem too weak.


Man , I am so looking forward to eyetracking, and want to try it with my 5k+

I was shocked when I found out you have to basically permanently hack the device to install it to the 8kX

No way im sticking adhesive to my 5k+ lenses i thought there would be a magnetic attachment or slot designed to hold it.

You know what I mean, I feel the 8kX is the luxury product, and its makes me cringe that the first thing i see is a guide telling you that you have to cut it.:rofl:


Well it shouldn’t have been needed to cut part of the rubber cowl imho that really isn’t too bad. If you look at as part cost the comfort kit is if I recall correctly a $50 :us: item; so this part is not affecting the main part of the headset as it is a designed replaceable part that could also lead to different face gaskets for more facial compatibility. Missing the magnetic attachment in the 5k and 8k releases as had originally been advertised though is a big miss.

And the method of attaching the magnetic frame also creates other issues.

  • Using ET on more than 1 pimax headset if own more than 1.
  • Selling ET if one decides too. (Attachment stuck on your headset)
  • purchasing replacement lenses if needed.

Sure 3 these issues can be resolved by either including or selling extra attachment mounts. (Magnetic mount was originally also advertised for vr frames - discontinued as pimax made)


my head hurts…