What resolutions to put in Pitool and SteamVr for normal 150 fov for 8kx>

I leave everthing on stock on pitool and steam vr at 100 and almost all games have bad performance with 3080 and 10850k. Vrchat I have to put 60% supersampling on steamvr at 1 on pitool to get it smooth, like most other games this is the same issue

Try 0% supersampling and 1 or 0.75 on pitool, you don’t need supersampling on a 4k per eye display.

100% in SteamVR, with 1.0 PiTool quality, is no supersampling, for the centre of the view; And supersampling is going to remain highly desireable until we’ve got three times the resolution of the 8kX, with its 4k screens.

“Normal” FOV and “Parallel Projections” on, together constitute some rather heavy overhead, due to the stretching toward the edges of the projection, so if one can back down on either (the latter is only necessary for games that do not render right with canted screens), that’s quite a bit of savings, and the resolution is just so high to begin with, that it sucks down GPU cycles like so many operations on an abacus, leaving little to spare for supersampling
Still sounds a little harsh to have to subsample at 60% for relatively light applications, given that hardware… From the menu on the SteamVR desktop status window: Open the Advanced Frame Timing window in the Developer submenu – that should give you an idea of whether it is your CPU or GPU (or both), that is not keeping up. Anything that shoots above the tan “idle” block, at 13ms, is a frame taking too long to produce, for whatever reason. If you tick the: “Show in headset” box, the window will appear in VR, attached to the back of one of your hands.

Light VR apps
PiTool Render 1 - SteamVR 100%

Heavy demanding VR apps
PiTool Render 1 - SteamVR 50%

For me, DCS PiTool 1.25 - SteamVR 50% in game VR Render 1

Nvidia Control Panel - turn on Image Sharpening
Extra hint - Use Pimax Experience for these figures and the added SteamVR settings that help with providing a good image on the 8K-X

Can get quite a good experience with the 8K-X and GTX1080Ti / RTX2080 and above

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