What Plan could i use?


i want to know what plan i can use for upgrading to a 8kx. I backed a 8K and two base stations. I dont need any other kickstarter gift, but the both base stations. What is the price to upgrade?

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You are a special case you have to submit a ticket but i dont know where.
I have to too.

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Here You go… :wink:


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you are in plan C option 1
it will cost you about 1000$ but probably a lot more if you need to upgrade GPU and/or PC

I preordered the 8kx plan A :smiley:

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My hand is SHAKING…

Must resist the PLAN B arghhhh.

Im faltering…

@Pimax: Can you help me please and what i have to do to get the Base Stations asap please.

You want Plan D
Time-stamped link: