What PiMAX plans to compete with Oculus Rift deal? Some Ideas for PiMAX Marketing Team

I see that Oculus Rift with global free shipping on Amazon includes:
– 6 FREE titles, including: Robo Recall, Luckyʼs Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox
– Rift’s precise, low-latency constellation tracking system
– The Oculus Touch controllers bring your hands into VR, letting you interact naturally with the virtual world

For total $399, while we PiMAX 4K owners pay in a range of $350-400 do not get any coupons for free VR games and get no tracking device nor controllers. Unless we buy Leap / Nolo / Controllers and those games :slight_smile:

I thought of the following suggestion:
PiMAX could offer PiMAX 4K owners with some bonuses / gift cards / Steam Coupons etc… To allow Pimax 4K users get any freebies and discounts online, such as:
– Get Coupons / Gift Cards for Free VR titles (Directly from PiPlay interface)
– Discount on Nolo, Kinect, Leap Motion type products etc…
– Continue improve the in-house software to provide a truly immersive, slick experience with PiPlay

**I love PiMAX and would like to see it’s success so hopefully you consider this idea. You made breathtaking technologies in PiMAX 4K that includes 4K Resolution, Brain Wrap Technology and giving optimizations to take the experience with it to the extreme zone, but all the extra freebies Oculus gives helps people take more complete benefit of the VR technology, so hopefully you can consider this as well (coupons for free VR games, discounts on Tracking devices etc…). **

I think considering what Oculus offers, it would make a great courtesy if PiMAX would consider this move for both client satisfaction and marketing terms, just a suggestion of course, no bad or sad thinking :slight_smile:


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Personally I would prefer if Pimax focus on making high quality/high definition hardware better than the competition. People are not buying Pimax for the the buggy software and lack of positional tracking. They are buying it for its high definition resolution and lack of SDE. It would be better for Pimax to produce premium high quality hardware at a higher price point. Obviously Oculus is better if you want the all in one user friendly package


Very valid. With the software catching up to where it needs to be; there is very little out there to compete visually. Once the ghosting algorithm trimmed up. The competition only has manual ipd & focus in the lead (which in itself can be an edge).

Granted contacting Valve to see if they can get a batch of $20 steam cards cheap & give codes to purchases between date A & B could be a good promo to boost sales.

Simply have users submit Order Info to support to qualify.

I bought PIMAX to try out a basic VR, after all, NOLO is still not worth it, but frankly, for the price that RIFT arrives in Brazil, I would NEVER buy one.
With taxes and values inflated by the greed of traders and importers, RIFT costs $1,300. I would NEVER pay $1,300 on an HDM with such low resolution.

To be honest, I just get a Rift bundle with three censors, in term of application, it works very well, with easily setting up, hardly having any problem with applications including steamer. For the down side, the set itself just is‘n so rigidily strong as Pimax and vice as well as lower resolution than Pimax (plus godray).
For price comparison, (overall is about 500$), I am getting full function VR headset that resonable for me. On the other hand , I got my Pimax about 300$ plus coming 200$ Holo (and keeping my finger crossed). The less, I think you all know what we are all had been through. In the meantime,I will stay with the Rift until Nolo is on my door step then see what will happen.

Why would I want a Rift? That thing sucks. I mean, sure, if you like screen doors and lack of clarity for distant objects or gauges, sure. Get you some. I don’t want it.
They got 3 billion to do it right, and it ain’t.


This +100000000000000

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They probably watched that crappy short lived fox series VR 5. Lol

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