What is "Vision 8K Series Upgrade Plan for Current Owner" exactly and why it's better than KS upgrade plan?


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Can somebody from Pimax explain what is the " Vision 8K Series Upgrade Plan for Current Owner" exactly and how it’s supposed to work? There is no description of what is included.

If I’m KS 8K backer, I can choose to “upgrade” to Vision 8KX for $1199.51 or consider there is a mistake and the price is $1100, and lose all my stretch goals (except Eyetracking)?

If I’m a KS 8K backer and use “Vision 8K Series Upgrade Plan for Current Owner” and “upgrade” to Vision 8KX for same $1100.39, will I keep the KS stretch goals?

If I bought 8K from a KS backer, I can “upgrade” to Vision 8KX for the same $1100.39 as the KS backers, Will the KS backer in this lose its discount?


I don’t understand their store and options now that that “current owner upgrade” is up there for an option. It’s cheaper as a current owner to buy a headset than some of the backer deals, where you give up hundreds of dollars in backer or pre-order extras.

I wonder if it’s either priced wrong… or possibly if it’s the only plan (even though they all say upgrade) where they are going to take back your current headset for a new one… but it doesn’t affect backer/preorder extras and the like. If the latter, it would be the opposite of what they said they would do in the stream, but perhaps they put it up in response to the backlash…

I think it’s probably just priced wrong on the site.

Yeah why there has to be “plans” wouldn’t it easier to have just the headset itself from starters and then checkboxes for “I want to opt out” or “add” following item and a special checkbox for “I want to use my store credit $100”


Wonder why pimax is super silent all of a sudden.
We need info and clarifications.

I assume they are collecting questions and answering them to put in a post as Kevin said they would after Day 2. Because answering ad-hoc in these threads will just exponentially explode in new questions.