What is this open beta about?

Haven’t heard anything about this before. Do we know any details?


They will probably offer more units to experienced VR testers…

Good question added xunshu to your post. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Isn’t the ten M1 units going to selected reviewers… the Beta units??? I just read xunshu’s post again and I don’t see anything new … just the fact that M1 units to go to testers has been delayed. Am I missing something?

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I’m actually really confused about this beta. What’s the goal of this beta, why is Pimax doing this exactly, to what purpose? Given that they’re still working on lens iterations I’m not sure why they’d want to organize a beta at this point. It would make 0 sense to ship units to testers and then change the lenses!

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It could be a mischoice of words. But @deletedpimaxrep1 mentioned “open beta” with roadshow.

We lnow the up to 10 units is for the “closed beta”

That’s apparently why the delay with the m1 beta test. Is to trial the new lenses(internal test) before shipping to beta testers.

Ok but Pimax expected previous lens iterations to be good and they obviously never were what they had hoped them to be. So I’m just saying, maybe dont get people all excited about doing forum beta testing before Pimax at least self is happy with the lenses. Maybe we need 3 more lens iterations, who knows. If everything works fine (which might be months away), then they should start the beta IMHO.

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This is what is known as a “lose / lose” situation. Many people on this forum have been asking for more frequent news updates and “Why is it taking so long”? Now Pimax has shared the reasons and some people are angry.

Please don’t “shoot the messenger”. We would like them to be more transparent, so we must accept their responses, unless we want them to stop updating us. I for one, do NOT want that.

I think they were optimistic that this last lens iteration would be good and were prepared to send out the M1 units asap. The lenses were not good enough and they are spending $50-100K to fix it. If they are willing to spend that kind of money and introduce another delay, I will trust them when they say “the lenses were not good enough”.

Personally, I’d rather wait a bit longer, to get a GOOD headset.


I’m not sure if you’re directing this at me but I’m all for updates and openness. I’m just saying, the beta at this point in time, where they haven’t even finished their lenses, just makes no sense at all. Who knows, maybe the next lens iteration is good enough, maybe it isn’t, either way, I’m just saying, first make sure the headset is any good, THEN start thinking about doing beta’s.


I’m sorry for any misunderstanding. I’m not intentionally picking on you; there have been some vocal complaints and that was not specifically addressed to you. It was more of a general plea.

There’s a good reason to set up the beta in advance: To make sure there’s a minimal delay in getting units to the beta testers. I work in software development. We try to line up our beta testers 4-6 weeks in advance, so that the beta runs smoothly.

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