What is the supported IPD range for 8K and 5K+?

I have read the review here
where the author mentioned that the IPD can be set up to 70mm. Could someone from the backers or the testers at the show confirm it?

I am asking because my IPD is 72mm :expressionless: and Pimax originally promised even more.


The author of the article himself has 72.4 IPD and It was ok for him, at least for his 10 mins demo


Well, this gives me some hope, even though I have only short experience with Vive, where I had the IPD basically maxed out (do not remember the exact value) and it was fine, but Vive is supposed to go to 72mm too…

I would still prefer the official info from Pimax as it was supposed to be more:

it’s I can confirm that , my IPD from optician is 67 but I set 66 in Pimax which gave me the best clarity and focus

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Can someone please confirm the lowest possible IPD of 55 mm?
One backer said in an video that he had problems with his nose at an IPD of 62 (i think). He said the panels are squezing the nose.
Mine is 58 so I hope I can still breath with the Pimax on :face_with_hand_over_mouth: